Sunday School

Adult Sunday School classes lead to a fuller, richer faith journey and more active involvement in the ministry of the church.


Weekday Adult Christian Education opportunities to continue Bible study for deeper insight and their spiritual development.

Young Adults

We are 20 or 30 somethings who desire to talk about life and how our faith practices relate & help us in our search. 

Adult Education

Sunday School Classes 9:45 am

Bible Discovery

Location: Library (Main Bldg.)

This class is perfect for people who want to relate the Bible to the situations in their daily lives.

To prepare for class, many class members read the upcoming scripture, commentary and questions provided. Each lesson is self-contained.

The class is taught by a team of class members who serve as discussion leaders on a rotating schedule.

Bible in Depth (BinD) Class

Location: Classroom Bldg. C202

The Bible in Depth (BinD) Class is perfect for people who are curious about the Bible and eager to read it carefully and discuss it freely.

To prepare for class, most participants read the selected book in order to actively participate in class. Class members may participate as actively as they wish.

The class is taught by:
David Covington
Barney Hale
Rev. Jody Welker

Leaders take turns facilitating the discussion.

Faith and Theology (FAT Class)

Location: Classroom Bldg. C211

This class is perfect for people who are inquisitive about how thoughtful people are wrestling with issues of faith and modern life.

To prepare for class, most (but certainly not all) participants read the book selected by the class. The books are generally written by pastors and scholars for interested lay people.

The class is taught by a team of knowledgeable teachers. Class participation is vital to each lesson but no one is obligated to speak out. A variety of points of view are encouraged.

Faith Fellowship Class

Location:  Classroom Bldg. C203

Faith Fellowship Sunday School is all about variety. Studies include a wide range of spiritual-based subjects such as these recent topics:

Faith Fellowship Sunday School Class at Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian Church Cary NC
Faith Fellowship Sunday School Class
  • Making Sense of the Bible
  • What Your Body Knows About God
  • Ephesians
  • Jesus in Art
  • What to Think About Instead of Worrying
  • Looking for God in Popular Culture
  • Christianity Amongst World Religions

While we firmly ground our lessons in Scripture, we are also not shy about extending our explorations into science, history, philosophy, music, psychology, and more.

Father Fellowship Sunday School Class at Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian Church Cary, NC
Faith Fellowship Sunday School Class


Our class values lively discussion, differences of opinion, humor, and occasionally, Duck Donuts. Oh, and we also love visitors! Many of our regulars volunteer in youth Sunday School classes which means classes are intentionally designed so that you can drop in on any Sunday without feeling lost.

We also plan regular social events outside of class to build relationships with one another.

Come and give us a try!

For more information or to be added to our class Yahoo announcement group, contact:

Ginger Espino

Brian King


Faith Foundations

Location: Classroom Bldg. C207

This multi-age class is perfect for people who want to study the Bible in an informal study setting.

To prepare for class, some participants read the Bible passage and accompanying guide, but others just show up.

The class is taught by volunteers from the class.

Adult Sunday School at Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian Church in Cary NC


Location:  Classroom Bldg. C205

This class is perfect for people who enjoy challenging their faith, taking absolutely nothing for granted. A variety of opinions are welcomed – from any and all perspectives!

  • Topical studies in theology, spirituality, and social justice
  • Discussion-oriented; divergent viewpoints encouraged
  • Preparation not required but beneficial

The Seekers are a lively, free-form, wide-ranging, discussion class whose studies include topics in theology, spirituality, and social justice. There is no set curriculum or teacher. Leadership of the discussion is shared among the class members and is voluntary.

Advance preparation (reading of the materials) is not required, but is highly beneficial to the discussion. The group encourages divergent viewpoints and opinions and frequently questions the dominant paradigm.

The class engages in occasional fellowship activities such as potlucks or attending a concert/ballet.

Class outreach activities include refugee resettlement support and cooking for the Carying Place.

Young Adults — Learn more about Young Adult ministry at the Kirk!

Each week, we will dive deeper into the lectionary texts for the day using “Feasting on the Word” curriculum. We meet in C204 in the Classroom Building.

Each one of us is seeking something, and each one of us finds that “something” in a unique way! We are 20/ 30 somethings who desire to talk about life and how our faith practices relate & help us in our search. How can we faithfully respond to the many situations we come across in our day to day activities? How can we faithfully respond to current events in the world? This is different for every person, and it is through those differences that we can grow and learn to see the world in a new way. 

We are a group of people asking and searching, finding and discerning, and repeating it all over again. We come from different traditions and backgrounds, but are all beautifully flawed children of God. We don’t tell anyone that they are wrong, but instead we listen and value each person’s thoughts and beliefs. We don’t say that anyone is right, but instead we honor our differences recognizing that we don’t know WHO is right if any one person even is. We listen. We talk. We open our hearts and ears for something that just might change us in a small or great way.

Short-Term Sunday School Classes

Short term classes are offered occasionally on topics including:

  • Intro to the Bible
  • Earthcare
  • Leadership training

Watch the Kirk Krier or call the church office for information about signing up for one of these courses.

Weekday Adult Studies

7 Sisters

What: A book study / discussion group

When: 9:30 -11:000 am, 1st & 3rd Wednesdays.

Melinda Merkley King

Through the Bible

What: This group will use The Bible Project’s short, animated videos which summarize each book and note literary design and historical context. Each gathering will consist of a time of prayer, an overview of the previous lesson, watching the video and discussing it, and a small amount of reading homework.

When: either noon or 7:00 pm, 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, September – May.

Melinda Merkley King

Wednesday Night Classes

A variety of Wednesday evening classes are offered occasionally throughout the year, often with an optional meal. Some classes require making reservations.

When: 6:30 pm, Wednesdays.

Most classes are drop-in events, where participants are invited to come for one meeting or come for all, as personal schedules permit.

Examples of classes for adults include:

  • Advent and Lent Studies Exploring the New Testament, an 8-week overview of the New Testament;
  • Understanding Baptism, a 3-week
    class on this important sacrament.

Classes are announced in worship service as well as in all our communications.


Thursday Morning Women’s Bible Study

When: 9:30 am, 1st and 3rd Thursdays
September – May

Where: Library

There are often videos, a lot of interesting discussion, and preparation is encouraged.


Dot Rascoe

Small Groups – K Groups

When: K-groups meet at a mutually agreed upon time, often twice a month for about two hours, but in other cases once a month.

Small groups focus on fellowship, Bible study and spiritual growth in small groups. At the Kirk, you may hear these groups called K groups, the “K” being short for Koinonia, a Greek word referring to an intimate partnership with Jesus Christ and others.

  • A time of fellowship with refreshments, or perhaps a meal, as well as sharing events in each others’ lives is part of the meeting.
  • Study of the Bible, from materials supplied by the Kirk and intended for groups like these, seeks to relate Scripture to how we live our lives day to day.
  • A brief closing time of prayer provides an opportunity for friends to support each other spiritually.

Koinonia groups were developed to help Christians in large churches connect with fellow members spiritually and personally on a level the congregation’s size makes difficult. The groups’ meetings and the relationships they foster create more of a small church atmosphere, in which people come to know each other well.

The model for the groups comes from the New Testament which describes how the early Christians met in small groups for fellowship over a simple meal, study, and prayer.

  • An existing group may want to add new members.
  • People wanting to take part can be put together in a new group by the Kirk. If you have a group of friends in the Kirk who want to form a new group, the Kirk will tell you how.

To find out more about how to join a Koinonia Group or start a new group, contact:

Stephanie Workman