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The Kirk of Kildaire is a Presbyterian Church (USA) community of faith in Cary, NC.  We are a Christian family where you can feel accepted, safe, and comfortable.

We believe that we are commissioned to love God and love others.

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Baptism & Communion

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Presbyterian Beliefs


We are all on our own unique path to spiritual maturity.
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What We Believe

We proclaim the risen Christ as Lord and Savior and gather in response to His grace. We believe that we are commissioned by God in this time and place to serve God’s purposes faithfully.

Misson Statement graphic Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian, a Christian Church in Cary
We believe in prayer - A prayer group at Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian Church Cary NC

We Are Seekers

We seek to provide opportunities for all members to grow toward Christian maturity. Through worship, prayer, study, fellowship, and service we seek God’s guidance in deepening our scriptural understanding and strengthening our commitment to a Christian lifestyle.

We Welcome All

We welcome all who would join us that we might grow in Christ together.

Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.

Welcome All - We Believe - Congregation at Kirk of Kildaire Santuary in Cary NC

Baptism & Communion

What Do Presbyterians Believe about the Sacraments?

Presbyterians believe that Christ is present with believers in the Sacraments just as he is in the written and preached Word. In celebrating the Sacraments instituted by Christ, the Church commemorates the redemptive acts by which believers are united with their Lord and made one. These Sacraments, instituted in water and in bread and wine, are to be received in faith as exhibiting and offering the saving grace of Jesus Christ. The Sacraments are regarded as an essential part of the public ministry of the church, in which all Christians are expected to participate. Presbyterians do not believe, however, that salvation is limited to those who have received the Sacraments.

Sacrament of Baptism

Baptism, as ordained by Christ, is the Word made visible. It sets forth the grace of God in Jesus Christ and affirms that believers and their children are heirs of the covenant of grace. It is a consecration to life in Christ, which means faithful service, obedience and participation in the joy and victory of the resurrection.

Baptism heralds a new beginning of participation in the ministry of Christ.. This participation becomes an ever-expanding process, setting Christians on a journey which endures through the course of their lives.

Presbyterians believe that Baptism is a sign that we are a part of the community of believers throughout the world and through all the ages. The reality and validity of Baptism does not depend upon the tradition or form in which it may be administered. In Baptism, God claims the believer for all eternity.

The vows of Baptism may be renewed at appropriate times, but the Sacrament is to be administered only once. Baptism is ordinarily administered in the presence of the worshiping congregation. Sprinkling is the traditional mode for administering the Sacrament.

When Christian parents present their infant children for Baptism, they consecrate themselves to the task of bringing up their child in the faith of the church. The congregation promises to surround their child with their love and concern in Christ.

How to Schedule Baptism

The way to schedule a baptism is to contact the church office. Baptisms are usually performed on the 2nd Sundays monthly.

An Infant baptism is not a “guarantee” of salvation. But it is a wonderful sign of God’s electing love. The helpless child is drawn into the family of God, just as all of us fallible humans are saved by God’s grace “while we [are] weak and unable to save ourselves.”
Romans 5:6

Baptism at the Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian Church in Cary, North Carolina
Communion at Presbyterian Church Cary NC

All baptized persons are invited to participate in the Sacrament of Communion. The invitation includes children who have been prepared to participate in a meaningful way.

Sacrament of The Lord’s Supper ~ Communion

In the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, God offers believers continued spiritual nourishment and sustains them in the communion of the body of Christ. The breaking of bread and the pouring from the cup show that Christ gave his own body to be broken and his life to be poured out on behalf of humanity, in the offering of himself on the cross.

The distribution and partaking of the elements show the reality of believers’ union with Christ by faith and their desire for Christ’s presence to abide in them.

All are invited to participate in the Sacrament. The invitation includes children participation in a meaningful way. The Kirk offers as special class for 2nd graders and older, to help.

The Reformed tradition provides for a variety of forms in the distribution and reception of the elements. The Session (governing body of the church) determines the frequency for the celebration of this Sacrament. The Session may authorize the celebration of the Sacrament with the sick and disabled in their homes or hospitals and with groups meeting in other places.

How Often Do We Offer Communion?

The Kirk celebrates the Lord’s Supper, Communion, on the first Sunday of each month as well as at other special worship services throughout the year (ex. Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, etc.) as directed by the Session.

Core Values at the Kirk of Kildaire

At the Kirk we share some core values that we hold dear. These behaviors are guiding values of how we, as Session and staff, will work to embody the gospel in our lives in this congregation.


We value following Christ. We continue to be a people who seek to faithfully follow and joyfully serve Christ as we are guided by the Holy Spirit.

Luke 9:23
Matthew 4:14-25


We intend to embody the welcoming grace and love of Jesus Christ for all of God’s children whoever they are and wherever they are on their journey of faith.

Romans 15:7
Hebrews 13:1-2

Love in Action

We intend to put into practice what we preach and teach in lives of service.

James 2:18
Luke 10:25-37

Growing and Serving

We value both the journey inward which gives focus to spiritual growth and the journey outward which seeks to actively serve a world in need.

Romans 12:1-2
John 20: 21-23

Meaningful Worship

 We pursue worship experiences that are intellectually challenging, emotionally engaging while seeking to speak to a variety of spiritual types.

Colossians 13:16


Membership includes a call to be involved in ministry inside or outside the life of the Kirk. Members seek to discern their call based on passions and gifts.

Ephesians 4:4-7; 11-17

Faithful Stewardship

Financial Stewardship and Fiscal responsibility are important for the health of the congregation.

2 Corinthians 8:1-7
2 Corinthians 9:7-8

Caring for the Earth

We pledge to be good stewards of God’s creation. In our life together we will express our care for God’s earth through worship, education, outreach and use of our facilities.

Genesis 1:26-30; 2:15

Peace, Justice, and Reconciliation

Membership includes a call to be involved in ministry inside or outside the life of the Kirk. Members seek to discern their call based on passions and gifts.

Ephesians 4:4-7; 11-17

– approved by the Session, February 16, 2014

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