Even worse, we are the parents!!
Norman Bendroth’s book Interim Ministry in Action: A Handbook for Churches in Transition, is regrettably out of print.  Chapter 1 documents things we may have been seeing but not saying out loud:
  1. The US demographics are changing.  Families are smaller, and multi-culturalism has skyrocketed, particularly in Wake County.
  2. American Civil religion no longer supports  churches.  The postwar attendance boom has waned.
  3. The cultural is heterogeneous.
  4. The crisis of authority has weakened the trust in the church.
  5. More and more people are calling themselves “spiritual but not religious”.
  6. People are viewing the world through a new set of glasses. 
  7. We live in a post-Christian, postmodern world.  Newcomers may have very little grounding in the faith. 

The author does have a number of prescriptions for the future of the church, so take a read at this interesting perspective using the link below.


The full chapter can be downloaded from here to your downloads folder: Not Your Parents Church