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Man Through the Roof

The story of the paralyzed man reveals Jesus’ authority to forgive sins and heal the sick. The persistence of the friends in bringing the man to Jesus shows how our faith in God can help others.

One day a crowd came from all around to hear Jesus teach. Some people brought a paralyzed man on a mat to ask Jesus to heal him. But there was such a crowd, they couldn’t get inside the house. So they carried their friend up on the roof, dug through the thatch and lowered him on his mat down into the room. When Jesus saw how much faith the friends had, he did something surprising. Instead of healing the man, he said, “My friend, your sins are forgiven.” Some of the listeners were strict Pharisees and other Jews who were experts in God’s law. They said, “Jesus must think he is God! Only God can forgive sins.” So Jesus said to them, “Which is easier, to tell the man that his sins are forgiven, or to tell him to get up and walk? I’ll show you that I have the authority to forgive sins.” Then Jesus turned to the crippled man and said, “Get up! Pick up your mat and go home!” The man stood up, picked up his mat and went home, thanking God. Everyone was amazed and praised God.

Our key memory verse is 1 John 3:18

Little children, let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action.

What we will learn:

Faith Quest Workshops:

In Creation Station we’ll create a picture story to share with others.

Interview a Pharisee and the paralyzed man at the “Talk Show” in Good News.

Praising Puppets pray for a friend.

Be a witness to Jesus’ power to forgive and heal as we

act out the story in Apostles’ Playhouse.

In Holywood we’ll learn about how Mother Theresa helps the forgotten, sick, and poor people of India.

Bring your friends to Jesus on a stretcher in Antioch Arcade.

Family Time and Prayer

Read: Mark 2:1-12. You can also find this story in Matthew 9:1-8 and Luke 5:17-26.

Reflection: How can our faith in God help others? God forgives and cares about us especially when we are sick or discouraged. What can we do to show God’s love to others? Who can you pray for?

Prayer : Dear God, thank you for forgiving my sins. Help me remember Jesus loves everyone. Please bring comfort and healing to a special friend of mine. Amen.

Offering : Your offering will go to help Mother Theresa’s Missionaries of Charity. Please bring your offering to the jar in the Great Hall.

Thank you to our Man through the Roof workshop leaders:

Good News – Mrs. Rhonda Lutz

Holywood – Mrs. Lisa Porter

Apostle’s Playhouse – Ms. Catherine Devins

Praising Puppets – Mrs. Allison Connors

Antioch Arcade – Mrs. Robin Morris

Creation Station – Mrs. Hope Brown

Thank you to our curriculum design team: Nancy Stokes, Robin Morris, Lee Smith, Mike Wright, Carole Rhodes, Catherine Devins, and Susan Mazzara