Kirk of Kildaire - Welcome to Faith Quest

David and Goliath

June 22 - July 13, 2003

David was a shepherd boy.  Every day he took the family's sheep to the hillsides to look for grass for the sheep to eat. If a sheep wandered off and got lost, David had to find it.  Sometimes a lion or wolf would attack the sheep, and David had to fight it and chase it away.  David used a sling to fight the lions and wolves.  A sling is two pieces of string, with a patch of leather in between.  David would put a stone in the sling and would twirl it around and when he let go of one of the strings, the stone flew out. 

One day, David's father asked him to take some food to his brothers who were helping King Saul fight a war.  When he found his brothers, he saw that they were afraid.  They told him that the other side had a very big man named Goliath.  Goliath would yell at them, telling them to send one man out to him and who ever won the fight would win the battle.

No one wanted to go.  David told King Saul that he wanted to fight Goliath.  Goliath laughed when he saw the boy running toward him yelling, “You have insulted the God of Israel. The Lord will help me beat you, and the whole world will know that Israel’s God is real.” David put a stone in his sling and threw it at the giant.  The stone hit him on his head and he fell down dead.  "We won the war!" shouted King Saul, David's brothers and the other soldiers.  "Hooray for David!"

Our Memory Verse is:

“Don’t ever be afraid or discouraged!  I am the Lord your God, and I will be there to help you wherever you go.”  Joshua 1:9 (CEV)

What we will learn:


What’s Happening in Faith Quest Workshops?

Good News has presents, but how do you decide which one to pick?

In Creation Station we’ll paint stone paperweights.

We’ll make commercials to sell super duper armor in Apostle's Playhouse.

Family Time and Prayer:

Read: I Samuel 1 - 50

Reflection:  Have you ever been afraid or in a lot of trouble?  Usually our troubles come from our sins.  When we tell a lie, when we are unkind to others, when we do something we shouldn't, we get into trouble.  But sometimes we have troubles even when we haven't done anything wrong.  Maybe we get hurt, or someone is unkind to us.  There are many different kinds of troubles.  When we experience problems, we can pray to God and ask for his help.  We are happier when we trust God.

Prayer:  Dear God, we thank you for helping us when we are in trouble. Amen.

Offering: Your offering will go to Dan and Elizabeth Turk, our missionaries in Madagascar.  The Turks are sharing the good news of Jesus with the people of Madagascar. Please bring your offering to the jar in the Great Hall.

Thank-you to our David and Goliath Workshop Leaders:

Good News - Jennifer Beason and Joan Humphreys

Creation Station – Janet Turner, Hope Brown

Antioch Arcade – Dona Woodard, Kristen McClure

Apostle's Playhouse – Julie, Tom Bell & Carol Parks

Thank you to our Curriculum Design Team: 

Carole Rhodes, Lee Smith, Allison Connors, Angela Farthing, Robin Morris, Catherine Devins, Sara Ridings, Amy Woynicz, Lori Houck and Marcia Hale, Interim Director of Children's Ministry.