Kirk of Kildaire

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The Prince of Peace

November 18 - December 9

This story tells us that Jesus was born to teach us how to live peacefully with each other.  Our memory verse tells us that those who follow Jesus' teachings of peace are blessed as the children of God.  Our bible verse says we are to work for peace and justice (fairness) in the world.

In our bible stories we learn from the prophet Isaiah, who lived about 700 years before Jesus, that a messiah will be born to teach us how to live in a world of peace.  In the New Testament, we hear how Mary is joyful that God has chosen her to be the mother of Jesus.  Mary knows that God has a plan for peace and justice.  Jesus is called "the Prince of Peace" and that his "peace will last forever...he will always rule with honesty and justice."

Our key memory verse is - Matthew 5:9

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. NRSV

What we will learn:

Faith Quest Workshops:

Make a paper crane or dove in Creation Station.

Cook and eat a Bosnian treat and write letters to families in Bosnia in Good News.

Praising Puppets discover ways to resolve conflict and will sing and play rhythm instruments as they sing songs of peace.

In Holywood we'll watch stories of people who are working toward peace and will learn sign language for "Lord hear our prayer".


Family Time and Prayer


I saiah 9:2-7 and Luke 1:46-55.


What does it mean to live in a world of peace?    What can you do to make our world more peaceful? 


Dear God, Thank you for your gift of Jesus coming as the Prince of Peace so that I may learn how to live in peace.  Help me as I work for peace and justice in our world.  Amen.


Your offering will go to President Bush's fund for Afghan children.  Please bring your offering to the jar in the Great Hall.

Thank you to our Prince of Peace workshops leaders:

Creation Station - Jennifer Cameron and Dave Buning

Praising Puppets - Barry Harmon and Dave Buning

Holywood - Lisa Van Genderen and Virginia Anthony

Good News - Hope and Doug Brown

Thank you to our curriculum design team:  Carole Rhodes, Robin Morris, Catherine Devins, Susan Mazzara and Marcia Hale.