The Wise Men
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Workshop: Antioch Arcade

“Those who walked in the dark have seen a bright light.  And it shines upon everyone who lives in the land of darkest shadows.” 

Isaiah 9:2  (CEV)


Just as God led the wise men to Jesus, God leads us to Jesus. Just as the wise men worshiped Jesus, we worship Jesus as our Lord.


Write or draw a picture of three things you can do this week to show that you worship Jesus as your Lord.





4. Second gift
5. What Herod wanted to do
7. What the wise men followed
8. King of Judea
12. Where the wise men found Jesus
13. Third gift
14. Where the wise men lived

1. What the wise men wanted to do
2. Where the wise men asked for directions
3. What the wise men brought
6. Where Jesus grew up
9. First gift
10. How the wise men were warned
11. Where Jesus' family fled




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