Workshop Leaders’ Bible Study

This workshop leader’s Bible study is a historical, theological, and contextual introduction to the Noah rotation of Kirk of Kildaire’s Faith Quest workshop rotation program.  It is intended to provide workshop leaders with:

·         A historical context for understanding the Bible story.

·         A Biblical context for reading and teaching the story.

·         The theological basis for the concepts to be taught to the children.

In Kirk of Kildaire’s Faith Quest program, workshop leaders attend a one-hour Bible study two weeks prior to the start of a new rotation.  This Bible study helps workshop leaders understand how the concepts to be taught to the children are derived from the Bible story and how the lessons in the rotation fit together to reinforce the concepts.  It also provides an opportunity for the workshop leaders to grow in their own faith and understanding of the Bible.

It will be helpful to have a chalkboard, whiteboard, or flip chart for writing down questions or observations during the Bible study.

Note:  This is not a comprehensive study of the text, but only a few notes to help provide context and background for workshop leaders.  Consult titles cited in the reference list at the end of these notes for more information.



Genesis 6-9

Memory verse for this rotation:

            “Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” — Psalm 124:8 (NRSV)


¨      God's power over all of creation is amazing.

¨      God makes and keeps promises.

¨      God communicates with people.

¨      God wants us to be kind, obedient, and faithful like Noah.

¨      God takes care of all creation.

Prayer Concerns & Prayer

·         If workshop leaders do not know each other, give them an opportunity to introduce each other and say which workshop they will be leading.

·         Begin the Bible study by praying for God’s guidance as teachers begin a new rotation.

Reading the text

Ask a workshop leader to read the text aloud. Ask the workshop leaders what questions came to mind as they heard the story or read it before the Bible study.  Write down any questions that arise and will need to be answered during the Bible study.


Workshop Summaries

Ask each workshop leader to summarize his or her workshop.  As they do so, point out the concepts that each lesson reinforces.  Ask workshop leaders if they have any questions about the logistics or practical application of their lesson.

Antioch Arcade:  The class will become familiar with the Noah story and play a game to reinforce their knowledge of the events in the story.

Apostles’ Playhouse: Children will use pantomime (action and expression without any words) and creative movement to interpret the story.

Creation Station:  Children will create a scene of animals leaving the ark with the rainbow as God’s covenant.  In the rainbow, they will write a covenant that they can make with God in their own lives.

Good News:  The children will go to the “science lab” to make rainbow crayons.

Praising Puppets:  Performing a short play in pairs, the children will learn that God still communicates with people today and will hear about someone who, like Noah, was obedient to God.

Review Questions

Return to the questions that were gathered at the start of the hour.  Have they been answered?  Are there any further questions about the Bible story or about the lessons?

Closing Prayer

Close the Bible study with a prayer.