Mary and Martha (Revised)

February 5-March 5, 2006



Scripture:  Luke 10:38-42.


Memory Verse: “Be still, and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10 (CEV)


Offering:  Food Bank



·        God wants us to be considerate, patient, loving, and kind.

·        Do the best you can and don’t worry about what others are doing.



1.      Children will view the video “Martin the Cobbler”.

2.      The children will learn the value of hospitality.

3.      The children will explore ways that they can show hospitality to others and to God.



Welcome and Introductions:

1.      Greet the children and introduce yourself.  Wear your name tag. Make sure the children are wearing name tags. If not, ask the shepherd to supply a temporary badge. Remember you are interacting with a different group of students each week who may not know you.


2.      Ask the children what they would do if someone famous like Britney Spears/Michael Jordan/Tiger Woods/etc., was to come and visit them in their home tomorrow and stay for lunch? How would they prepare for the visit? Get ideas from the kids: clean up the house, tidy the toys, shop for food, prepare special food, etc. When the guest arrives, what would the hosts do? Do you go back into the kitchen and keep working away while the guest talks and visits with others? NO! You would want to be right there listening to every word of our honored guest. Would that make the guest feel special?


Bible Story:

1.      Read the story of Mary and Martha. (The Contemporary English Version is very simple and easy to understand. Tell the children to listen for the ways that Mary and Martha behaved when their honored guest arrived. What did Mary do? (sat and listened to Jesus) What did Martha do? (Went back to the kitchen) Who showed more respect and honor to Jesus? Which was more pleasing to Jesus? Why?


2.      The word hospitality means to show care, to welcome someone. A similar word is hospital. What do these words have in common?


3.      Reread the special verse for this lesson in Luke 10:38b, “When they got [to the village] Martha welcomed him into her home.”  (Contemporary English Version). This lesson is about hospitality and showing kindness to others.



1.      Distribute the popcorn with help from the Shepherds. (Popcorn  should already be made.)


2.      Set up the story for the children. In the interest of time, start the video about 7 minutes into the story. You should already have it cued to the segment immediately after Martin falls asleep drunk at the table. You can read the following or paraphrase it.


Martin is an old cobbler (shoemaker) who is very sad. His wife and his only child died and he is angry with God. He is grumpy with people in his town. He is lonely and has lost hope for any happiness in life. You could say, that Martin is so sad, that he thinks only about himself with no thought to others or maybe Martin is so sad because he only thinks of himself.


Younger Children: (You may want to tell a little more of what is going to happen in the story so that the children will understand the plot.)

One day, a holy man (a pastor) comes to Martin with an old Bible in need of repair. Martin reads the Bible about a Pharisee who invites Jesus to his home, but treats Jesus poorly as his guest (reference Luke 7:36-50). It upsets Martin that anyone would treat Jesus badly. He falls asleep and dreams that Jesus is going to visit him. The next day, Martin goes about his work watching for a sign of Jesus coming to his shop. As he waits, he helps others.


3.      Start the video. It’s about 20 minutes long if cued as suggested (immediately after Martin falls asleep drunk at the table. The starting scene shows the Holy man visiting Martin).


4.      Discussion: recap the main events of the story with the children. When Martin thought the Lord was coming to visit how did he behave? (He was kind to the street sweeper, the woman and baby and the old woman and boy.) How did Martin change? (He seemed happier, he was kind (to the mouse), and he started to care about others instead of just himself.)  How was welcoming others into his home like welcoming God into his home? Was Martin more like Mary or like Martha? Explain.


Emphasize the point that Martin showed hospitality to God by showing hospitality to others. Martin found God in helping other people. Note that Martin was also blessed with happiness and a new attitude.


Reflection Time:

At 10:35 a.m. pass out the journal pages and pencils/markers. Suggestion: You may wish to give the children a movie ticket stub, sticker or some memento to paste in their page as a reminder of the story or their commitment to be hospitable to God.



Prayer (suggestion): You could ask the children to volunteer their suggestions on how to show hospitality to others and therefore to God. Then lift up their ideas to God in prayer and ask for help to carry them out throughout the week. 

Tidy and Dismissal: Ask children to help clean up popcorn. Put bean bag chairs in piles against the walls, clearing the floor space. Wipe out popcorn machine thoroughly.


Teacher preparation in advance:

1.      Prepare a closing prayer.

2.      Write the memory verse (see beginning of this lesson plan) on the white board.

3.      Check out the room before your first Sunday workshop so that you know where everything is located. The bin with supplies is in the closet.

4.      Preview the video and have it cued to the correct starting place. The video will be given to you at the Faith Quest Leaders Bible Study. Be sure and ask for it. 




Billy Budd Films, Inc. ­ Martin the Cobbler, distributed by Gateway films Vision Video


St. Elmo’s Year One Rotation Curriculum (, Mary and Martha Rotation, Movie Theater.