David - Godís Chosen King

My Reflection Journal Sheet based on I Samuel 16:7


Write a few sentences about this picture.



Circle the phrases that are true


Jesse and his sons lived in Jerusalem

Samuel poured wine over Saulís head

Samuel poured oil over Davidís head

Samuel was a king

Davidwas a shepherd boy

God sees what is in our hearts

God was pleased with Saul

We should judge people by their looks.

Samuel did as God told him

David made a sacrifice to the Lord

God has a plan and is in control

Harp music was soothing for Saul

David was the oldest son of Jesse

The Spirit of the Lord stayed with David.

David wrote songs



God sees our heart and knows who we are.Name 4 things that God sees in your heart when you do good things for others, obey your parents, work hard and come to church.†† Write one thing in each heart.†††





The Lord said, People judge others by

what they _________________,

but I judge people by what is in their ___________.I Samuel 16:7




Kirk of Kildare Ė Faith Quest Rotation David Ė Godís Chose King

A.E. Farthing May 2003