David & Goliath

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Workshop: Antioch Arcade

ďDonít ever be afraid or discouraged!I am the Lord your God, and I will be there to help you wherever you go.ĒJoshua 1:9 (CEV)

David wasnít just interested in the reward that King Saul offered. David wanted to fight Goliath because when Goliath insulted Godís people, he insulted God. David used the skill he had learned defending his sheep from wild animals to defend Godís people and Godís name from the insults of Goliath. He was not seeking success for himself; he was trying to serve God.

Write or draw a picture to answer these two questions:
1.     What is something that you are good at? 
2.    How can you use your skill to serve God? 

David and Goliath

Look for the answers in I Samuel 17: 1-50

1. Philistines' best soldier
2. David's ammunition
3. David's weapon
4. David's father
5. Israelites' enemies
6. David's job 
7. Israelite king
8. David's town

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