Faith Quest Covenant


We are all excited about Faith Quest at the Kirk. To help each other learn and share in the activities, you are asked to commit to these rules for appropriate and respectful behavior:

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Faith Quest is a nurturing, caring, environment for all children to learn and experience Godís love. We expect that the children will be courteous and respectful of their Faith Quest covenant. However, the Shepherds and Workshop leaders will advise the children that the consequences of difficult behavior will be as follows:

  1. one warning from an adult
  2. the child will be removed from the activity until he/she chooses to act appropriately
  3. the child will be removed from the classroom, with adult supervision, for the remainder of the hour. A parent will need to accompany the child back to the class the next time for the child to re-sign the Faith Quest Covenant of respectful behavior.

I have reviewed this covenant with my child and agree to provide parental support for the Faith Quest covenant.

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