Faith Quest


The Call of Abraham and Sarah


September 5 – October 3, 2004


Good News



Scripture:       Genesis 12:1-9 CEV


Memory Verse:  “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15 NSRV


Offering:   Peacemaking



Ø     God promises to bless us.

Ø     We respond to God’s blessings by worshipping God.

Ø     We, like Abraham, are on a journey of faith with God.



In the Good News Lesson we hope to:

  1. Understand how strong Abraham’s faith was as he trusted God.
  2. Begin to understand the role our faith has as we continue our faith journey trusting God.
  3. Realize that the land Abraham traveled with his family is the same land in the news today as the Middle East struggles to find peace.
  4. Use our sense of touch to discover what it might have felt like to walk everywhere.



Welcome and Introductions:

Wear your nametag. Make sure the children are wearing nametags. If not, ask the shepherd to supply a temporary badge. Remember you are interacting with a different group of students each week that may not know you. Remember to that if you need the shepherds to assist you in any way do not be afraid to ask, that is why they are present with the class. 


Because this is a new year and some of the children may not know each other you might want to have them to sit in a circle and introduce themselves in the following manner:

Tell them to think of a food or animal that begins with the first letter of their name and when they introduce themselves they will say the item and their name. You go first to provide an example. 

Good morning my name is Angela, Ant eater Angela



Scripture/Bible Story:

1.     Have the Children stand and say the memory verse.  (You may want to have the verse on poster board.)

2.     Ask them to bow their heads for prayer. [Dear Lord, who is with us everywhere we go, we thank you for your love. We pray this morning you will help us to have an open mind as we learn to follow Abraham’s example and trust you in everything we do. Amen.]

3.     Have them to sit and open their Bibles to the Scripture. Ask the children to volunteer/assist in reading the scriptures.  It is not necessary to have all children to read.  If you want to read and have them to follow along, that is your choice.  Genesis 12:1-9 CEV



Define the following words after the scripture has been read – you may want to post words on chart paper.  See if the children can first provide a definition before you give them the definition.  Try to make connections with the words and their life today in obeying God and their parents.


Worship – a reverent display of respect for God in a specific ceremony that includes prayer, singing and reading of scripture.

Obedience (obey) – to follow directions, orders or what we are told to do by an adult or someone in authority.

Faithfulness – having complete trust in God.  There is no questioning or unbelief in His power. Followers of God are devoted to do what God leads them to do.

Promise –a pledge to do what you say you will do.  God promised Abraham many things.

Blessing A gift from God that brings goodness and well-being in life.

Nation – a country marked by definite boarders.  During the time of Abraham there were no nations, just land that belonged to various families.

Extended Family – when Abraham and Sarah left and began their journey their extended family went with them, during this time the whole family stayed close together.  An extended family could consist of not only grandparents, but brothers, sisters, uncles and their families. 

NOTE: Abraham’s response to God’s promise is worship, obedience, and faithfulness because he left his home and began the journey God told him to take.


Activity – Texture Walk and Map Skills

  1. Provide students with the map of Abraham’s journey.  Show them the route and inform them that the countries noted did not exist during this time.  The people and the history of this land are rich in tradition, strife and pride.
  2. Using a marker have each of them to recreate the path on their map.  Note: the sites are numbered so it will be easier for them to see the way. 
  3. During the journey, again – use the wall map to show where – Abraham’s family traveled mostly by foot.  If they were lucky they had simple sandals, but many went barefoot.  Some times the elderly would be provided time on a donkey, but rarely.
  4. After the map activity is complete have the children prepare for the texture walk.

Ø     Have them take off their socks and shoes and place next to the wall.  As they are doing this, place the following items or similar items about the floor so they can walk over the land. 

New leaves, old dry leaves, cotton balls, torn paper bags, sand paper, sponge, twigs, masking tape with the sticky side up, various types of cloth you might have at home or can find in the church supply closet, wax paper, etc. 

  1. Allow them all an opportunity to experience the textures. 
  2. Have them to sit back down and once they are settled down ask the following questions:

Ø     In our story who traveled by foot?

Ø     How would you feel if you had to walk to school, the grocery store and church?

Ø     How would you feel if the only shoes you owned were a pair of simple sandals?

Ø     What happens today if we don’t wear shoes in the right places?  Like the store, or a hot paved road? 

Ø     What happens when you don’t obey your parents? 

Ø     How can we use our feet to serve God?  - Distribute the journal page which has a large foot on it. 


Reflection Time:

Distribute the journal page for the students to work on, if there is time.  Make sure there are copies for each child.  Have them to write words of how they can use their feet to serve God. By 10:45 close with a prayer.



Prepare a closing prayer.  Ask the children if they have any concerns that they would like addressed in prayer. 


Tidy and Dismissal: Ask children to help tidy up. Ask them to assist in picking up the items of the walk. Have them to assist in anyway you need. Close/lock the door and turn off the lights. The pillows in the Puppet room need to be placed back in the closet if you used them. 


Teacher preparation in advance:

1.     Read the scripture passages and attend the Faith Quest Leaders Bible Study.

2.     Prepare a closing prayer for your lesson.


Suggested Supply List

Ø     Bible verse on poster board

Ø     Items for the texture walk

Ø      I will leave some historical maps for you to use in the Kirk Office. 



Lori Houck, Kirk Faith Quest Bible Study Leader

Children’s Illustrated Bible by Parker and Dyson

Creative Bible Learning – Science and Cooking by Karyn Henley