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Joys & Concerns

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COVID-19 Prayers

We pray for those diagnosed with COVID-19, as well as those losing loved ones who cannot be with them due to the isolation requirements.  We also pray for those without work/paychecks and those without homes
Please also remember all healthcare workers and first responders, including these related to the Kirk: Mike Anthony, Vicky Bloch, Elizabeth Carter, Rhoda Chang, Adrienne Coats Moore, Ashley Coats James, Anderson Garrett, George Hamrick, Jennifer MacLean, Judd Manley, Stefan Mazzara, Pamela Mbang-Muma, Jane McNeill, Lisa Miller, Jon Napier, Kathy Nigro, Juliette Parks, John Reilly, Linda Romano, Amy Stallings, Seth Stallings, Jill Tate, Stacy Taylor, Tori Tate, Faye Ubinger, Emily Volk, Kathy Barham (daughters-in-law), Ann & Bob Branch (son-in-law), Belinda Briscoe (sister-in-law, niece), Becky Cathey (great-niece), Mike & Janice Coats (son-in-law), Frank & Camille Cox (daughter), Lynn Cummins (daughter), Sharon Fitch (daughter, friend), Bob & Kay Hammell (granddaughter), Nancy Hart (daughter-in-law), Lori Houck (sister), Annette Homiller (daughter-in-law), Amy & Joel Huenemann (daughter), Diane Luparello (nieces), Jan Marallo (daughters), Ruth Menechella (sisters), Linda Menton (granddaughter), Rebecca Payne (daughter), Dick & Judy Polley (daughters, niece), Jane Ragan (niece), Mandy Ritter (family), Kat Russell (nieces), Karen Slack (niece), Nancy St. Onge (niece), Nancy Stallings (son), Don & Pattie Stephenson (daughter-in-law), Bill & Nancy Stokes (daughter, son-in-law), Kay Taylor (sister), Bob & Meldie Stewart (granddaughter), Tracy Weeks (sister), Carol Wells (daughter).

Prayer Requests

Our sympathies to the following church members and their families on the death of their loved ones.
Amy Huenemann, mother
John Creaser, mother
Betsey McFarland, mother
Ed Taylor, sister
Del Leonard, sister
Edla Prevette, mother
Kimberly Lyle, father

  • Kay Guyton
  • Jamie Hawkins
  • Doug Eddy
  • Gary Fulton
  • Dave Pendleton
  • Kent Miner
  • Joyce Bauer
  • Jean Gregory
  • Mary Bowen
  • Charles Cole

Holly Springs:

  • Arnold Frazier
  • Dick Sears

Additional Concerns:

  • Thomas Clarke (mother)
  • Sylvia Nygard (sister)
  • Jon Heckerman (friends)
  • Karen Bowen (aunt)
  • Steven Buning (friend)
  • Mary Droessler (friend)
  • Greg Barnes (brother)
  • Anna Sacks (parents)
  • Bob & Kay Hammell (grandson)
  • Betsy & Bill Stewart (friend)
  • Patricia Dreese (friend)
  • Nancy St. Onge (brother-in-law)
  • Kathy Carmer (brother-in-law, parents)
  • Felicity Klintworth (granddaughter)
  • Annette Taylor (aunt, cousin)
  • Nicole Stewart (friend)
  • Chris Cleveland (brother)
  • Hannah & Joe Lugiano (grandson-deployed)
  • Barbara Kenedy (husband)
  • Mike Coats (friends)
  • Ann Branch (sister)


Prayer concerns will be listed for 30 days.  Please inform the church office or if you would like your concern listed longer.  

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Thankful for all the volunteers at the Emergency Food Distribution Sites

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Praying at Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian Church in Cary, NC