Joys & Concerns

Prayer Requests



Prayer Requests

  • Kat Russell
  • Charlie Seay
  • Ron McMenamin
  • Connie Flory
  • John Morrison
  • Nancy St. Onge
  • Clay Edwards
  • Dot Rascoe
  • Murdick Johnson
  • Susan Auman
  • Eleanor Porter
  • Charles Cole
  • Edie Rich
  • Ernie Rich
  • Bonnie Pendleton
  • John Burton (deployed)
  • Wyatt Anderson James
  • Julie Bell

Holly Springs:

  • Collin Daniels
  • Bruce Jastrow
  • John Malia
  • Brian Coleman (brother)
  • TJ Laubach

Additional Concerns:

  • Holly Burton (friend)
  • Camille Cox (mother)
  • Joanne & Doug Eddy (friends)
  • Jean Gregory (brother, niece)
  • Hannah & Joe Lugiano (friends)
  • Janice Coats (brother)
  • Jan & Corrie Bakker (friend)
  • Melissa Windley (aunt)
  • Ann Swenson (friend)
  • Felicity Klintworth (son, granddaughter)
  • Andy Shook (mother)
  • Phil Hammer (father)
  • Tina Hammer (mother, sister)
  • Kathie Bell (sister)
  • David Covington (parents)
  • Madeline Kelso (relative)
  • Joyce Billotte (friend)
  • Melinda Dawson (sister)
  • Barbara Kenedy (husband)
  • Lynn Heckerman (niece)
  • DJ Sellers (daughter)
  • Lindsay Ray (friend)
  • Kathy Carmer (brother)
  • Ann Branch (sister)

Welcome to our new website!   The information here is updated weekly.  More up-to-date joys and concerns may be available in worship on Sunday mornings.  Thank you for your prayers for our church family!

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Hugs because we care at Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian, a church in Cary NC

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  • Call the office:
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  • Submit Online (form on this page):
    Your prayer request will be relayed to the pastoral staff, and if desired, your prayer request will be printed in the bulletin.
Praying at Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian Church in Cary, NC
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