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Audio Visual Technical Director

Position TitleAUDIO VISUAL TECHNICAL DIRECTOR                     Concurrence:_________________

Supervisor:        Director of Music and the Arts                                       Concurrence:_________________

Position Classification:  Paid        __X_                                 Volunteer               _______

                                           Exempt  ___­_                                 Non-Exempt          ___X___            

                                           Full time ____                                Part-Time               ___X ___(10 hrs/wk est. avg.)

Date:  August 21, 2022

Position Summary:

The Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian Church has distinguished itself for having a dedicated volunteer AV Team, and for the quality of its streaming and AV production services.  This part-time position for an AV Technical Director is to provide overall direction for the volunteer team and to coordinate the development and operation of existing and additional AV capabilities.

Position Qualifications:

Technical Experience:

  • The preferred candidate would have at least 2 years’ experience in production environments.
  • Certified Audio Engineer a plus.
  • The candidate would be familiar with various AV production hardware and software, which might include – vMix video switching software, the Yamaha TF series mixer, ProPresenter, Photohop, and various video and audio editing software such as DeVinci Resolve, Adobe Premier, Audacity, etc.
  • Have experience with various AV products and vendors – IT experience a plus.

Project Planning:

  • Proven success in meeting deadlines where planning and coordination various teams is required
  • Proficiency with standard word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, and planning software

Interpersonal Skills:

  • Ability to productively interact with and respect a wide range of personalities, with differing opinions about their worship experiences.


  • The ideal candidate would be a seasoned AV professional that is looking for a church home and would like to leave a lasting legacy by using audio/visuals to grow the church’s outreach and mission. College students with the right experience and enthusiasm would also be considered. We are looking for someone that sees AV inside a church as a personal ministry.

Principal Responsibilities/Essential Functions

Assist in AV Production for Sunday Services – 3 hrs/week:

  • Be available for three hours to assist with audio and streaming the services 7 out of 8 Sundays. The times of the services change during the year but typically range between 10 AM and 11 AM.

Oversee the Administration of AV Services – 2 hrs/week:

  • Coordinate with the church staff to provide a point of contact to address their AV needs.
  • Manage the AV calendar and coordinate with the AV Team to insure manpower is available for AV services and church events.

Coordinate AV Services for Special Church Productions and Events – 3 hrs/week:

  • Coordinate any AV needs for the staff, such as monitors or audio equipment where needed.
  • Ensure sufficient AV coverage and event coordination for special services (Christmas Eve and Easter). Coverage of these special services may qualify for overtime.
  • This position has the first right of refusal for AV coverage for special events such as funerals and weddings. There may be additional compensation for such events.

Be a Training Resource for the AV Tech Team – 2 hrs/week:

  • Provide advice and documentation to the AV team to help them improve their abilities in sound recording and mixing, camera work, video editing, and audio mastering

Be a Technical Advisor to Staff and the AV Team – As part of ongoing duties

  • Make recommendations to staff and the AV team for products, services, and vendors as new needs and capabilities are developed – example: campus-wide video distribution, etc.

Other duties as may be assigned by the Sr. Pastor/Head of Staff.

How to Apply:

To apply for the AV Technical Director position, please email resume and cover letter to

Download the AV Technical Director job description (PDF) here.


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