Stewardship & Special Gifts

According to the Presbyterian Church (USA) Stewardship is “the grateful response to God’s grace and goodness.”

Those who display a spirit of generous giving can teach this grateful response to others.

Ways to Give at The Kirk

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Endowment Fund

Ways to Give

It is a privilege to make a joyful commitment of one’s time, talent and finances in order to support God’s work and spread God’s word.

Being part of a church congregation gives each of us this opportunity.

Why We Give

The Spirituality of Giving

Stewardship is a part of our discipleship giving and is an outward expression of our inward faith. Christian stewards are motivated to share their time, gifts, and finances not so much to meet a church budget but as a visible way to live out our faith. See Stewardship biblical verses.

Sanctuary built by congregation giving-Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian church

Participate in the Work of God

Faith in God through Christ fills us with a sense of gratitude and a desire to participate in the work of God. When our hearts are grateful, we seek to be faithful to God in every aspect of our lives.

Have Questions about Contribution Statements?

Contact: Ellen Chambers, Kirk Finance Manager

Collections & Special Offerings

Pennies for Hunger: A Children Giving Opportunity

Pennies for Hunger is a way for children to act on what they have learned from Jesus–to help the poor. Children can collect money, perhaps in a jar, and bring it to the Kirk on the first Sunday of each month. During the Time with Children, the children bring it forward. Offerings received support programs providing food to those in need. The money goes to help hungry people all over the world.

The Kirk encourages persons and families to set aside 2 cents per meal per person and then bring their collected monies to worship on the first Sunday of each month.

Ongoing Food Collection

The Kirk collects non-perishable food throughout the year to stock our on-site Food Pantry.  Donations may be left in the cart beside the elevator that is outside the office.

March Madness Food Drive

During March, the congregation is encouraged to bring food to donate to their favorite team box. Weekly team “winners” are announced. All food is donated to the Food Bank of NC.

Pastor’s Benevolence Fund

This fund is used to help church and community members who are struggling with food, rent, medicine and other basic needs. Through your generous giving, the Pastors have the resources to help those who come to the Kirk in their time of need. We ask you to give to this fund by writing “Pastor’s Benevolence Fund” on your check or on an envelope, and all loose offerings also go to this fund. Thanks to your giving, we have been able help those who are struggling and represent to them the care and love of Jesus Christ.

Peach on the Porch

This annual fundraiser (usually in July) involves peach ice cream served on the patio after worship to raise funds to support various mission activities.

The Presbyterian Women’s Thank Offering

This offering is typically collected in the fall of each year and funds projects such as agricultural development, child care, community organization, criminal justice, drug counseling, economic justice, elderly care, employment training, homelessness, literacy, violence and women’s concerns. At least 40 percent of this offering supports health ministries throughout the world. The remaining 60 percent funds new creative ideas for mission.

The Presbyterian Women’s Birthday Offering

This offering is usually collected in the spring of each year and funds up to five projects that are not included in ongoing General Assembly mission support, such as agricultural development, child care, community organization, criminal justice, drug counseling, economic justice, elderly care, employment training, homelessness, literacy, violence and women’s concerns.

Solar Panel Project

A joint project of the Building & Grounds and EarthCare Ministry Teams, the solar panel project is currently soliciting funds to support the installation of these panels in 2022.

An informational meeting was held on Sunday, March 27, 2022.  To see a recording of the meeting, please click on the link below.  Additional information is available using the “NC Solar Now” button or by emailing the Kirk team at

To make a donation, click the button below, select “Capital Improvements” and put “Solar Project” in the notes field.

Make an Online Stewardship Pledge for 2024: Overflowing Grace

Stewardship 2024: Overflowing Grace

Presbyterians are encouraged to pledge a tithe (10th of their income) during Stewardship, which occurs in the fall of the year.  The pledge is then paid the following calendar year. Pledges are also gladly accepted outside of the Stewardship period. NOTE:  Look for an auto-response email acknowledging that we received your pledge.  Please let us know if you don’t get one so we can track down your pledge!  If you give electronically, please make sure to set up or update your pledge through your bank or through our on-line giving platform. Submitting a pledge does not update banking information.

2024 Estimate of Giving – Annual Operating Budget

This year’s Stewardship Team has been guided by the following Bible verses:

2 Corinthians 9:8-11 –  And God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that by always having enough of everything, you may share abundantly in every good work. As it is written, “He scatters abroad, he gives to the poor; his righteousness endures forever.” He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness. You will be enriched in every way for your great generosity, which will produce thanksgiving to God through us.

In gratitude to God and to assure that the Kirk’s work in this world moves forward, I/We would like to share my/our blessings with others and offer thanks through giving to the Kirk’s 2024 Operating Campaign:

Endowment Fund & Special Ways to Give

About the Endowment Fund

Just as annual stewardship giving is a chance to return to God a portion of our annual income, contributions to the endowment fund share the accumulated gifts God has provided us as an ongoing support for the Kirk’s ministries.

Christian stewardship is an awareness that everything we have is a gift from God.

It implies a responsibility to make productive use of all God’s gifts to humankind – time, talents, and material possessions.

The Session of the Kirk, on behalf of the congregation, has affirmed that stewardship is concerned not only with current income and its use, but equally with accumulated, inherited and appreciated resources.

It is the belief and commitment of the Session, therefore , that the mission of this church should be expanded by providing opportunities for members to support the benevolent, educational, mission and worship activities of the whole church through special gifts and planned giving.

Specifically, the church desires to enlarge the scope of the congregation’s work and influence by:

  • initiating, supporting and maintaining worthy community projects,
  • participating more fully in the many avenues for service to God and to humankind offered by our denomination; including religious fellowship, worship and education;
  • expanding its witness to Jesus Christ; and
  • engaging in programs designed to attend to the needs and wants of the elderly, sick, poor, young, and handicapped, whether physically or mentally.

Endowment funds are used to help support the ministries, missions, activities, and vision of the Kirk.

Gifts received into the Endowment Fund may be either designated or un-designated and either temporary or permanent. Donors may designate such contributions for any purpose or cause that is generally consistent with the purposes and mission of the Kirk and that is approved by the Session of the Kirk.

Distribution Documents are shown available for download below this fold out section.

General “Undesignated” Endowment Fund

This fund is used for any activity or program which falls within the Endowment Fund use parameters. This fund accepts contributions in any amount and because it provides the most flexibility to do God’s work, contributors are encouraged to give to the general funds. Contributions to the General Endowment Fund may be made in any amount.

Named Designated Endowment Fund

This fund may be established with a minimum contribution of $10,000. The donor can establish this permanent fund in his/her own name or the name of a loved one, with any purpose consistent with the Kirk’s mission or function. Up to 5% of the principal balance of the fund is allocated to support the fund’s purpose.

Designated Endowment Funds

The Session establishes designated funds for specific purposes to support the ministry and mission of the Kirk. There is no minimum balance for these funds. Up to 5% of the principal balance of the fund is allocated annually to support the fund’s purpose. The following funds have been established:

  • Capital Improvement/Maintenance Endowment – to be used for major improvement maintenance or replacement of church property. The Building and Grounds ministry team will recommend to the Session the use of these funds.
  • General Missions Endowment – to be used to support local, national or international mission ministry. The Mission ministry team will recommend to the Session the use of these funds.
  • Scholarship Endowment – to be used for financial assistance by members of the Kirk for camps, conferences, and education. The Christian Education ministry team will recommend to the Session the use of these funds.
  • Worship/Music Endowment – to be used for the support of Worship and Music ministry at the Kirk. The Worship ministry team will recommend to the Session the use of these funds.
  • CE Children – to be used for the support of Christian Education initiatives for children. The CE Children ministry team will recommend to the Session the use of these funds.

Special Fund

A Special Fund is meant to be temporary and can eventually be used up. The minimum to establish a Special Fund is $2,500. The Endowment Committee may allocate up to 10% of the principal balance annually to support the fund’s purpose; or will allocate the funds according to the percentage specified in the donation, if different. The fund is maintained as long as there are ongoing contributions and/or earnings to keep the balance above $1,000. If the balance drops below $1,000, the fund can be merged with another similar purpose fund.

All contributions to the KOK Endowment fund are invested in the New Covenant Balanced Growth mutual fund. The Presbyterian Foundation, through New Covenant Trust company, serves as the social witness service provider, creating the social screens that support our core values.

Learn more about Mission Responsibility Through Investment on the next tab.

The Session is responsible for the use of endowment funds as part of its overall mission and budgetary responsibilities.

The Endowment Committee, as set out in the Articles Establishing the Endowment Fund (contact the Endowment committee if you would like this document), is responsible for management and administration (including, but not limited to investments) of these funds. They take their stewardship of these funds very seriously.

The use of funds and investment performance are regularly reviewed. Decisions on the specific use of endowment funds in a given year are reviewed and approved, first by the Endowment Committee and then by the Session.

The Kirk has established The Covenant Circle to celebrate and encourage those who contribute to The Endowment Fund through a gift or by making the covenant to remember the Fund in their will or through a charitable remainder trust.

Each year members of The Covenant Circle are invited to a special luncheon and program

  • to thank and recognize them
  • to hear how Endowment Funds are being used
  • to enjoy a relaxed information social occasion

If you are interested in joining The Covenant Circle, please complete the Kirk Covenant Circle Membership form (download available below) and place it in the worship offering plate or send it to the church office.

Key Documents referenced in the sections above (PDF’s open in a new window):

Request Information about the Endowment Fund

Kirk of Kildaire Mission Guatemala 2018
Endowment funds were used to help offset Guatemala mission trip costs to Kirk members in 2019
Kirk of Kildaire Montreat Trip
Travel to Montreat was funded in part by Endowment funds in 2019
Kirk Middle School Massenetta Retreat-2018
Middle School Youth travel to Massanetta Retreat funded in part by Endowment funds in 2019