Facilities Usage Policies & Forms

Building Use

Submit completed form to the church office for approval

Weddings, Funerals, Columbarium

Keyless Entry System

Submit complete form to the church office for approval

 The current electronic system will eliminate the need to re-key the buildings in the future, as we can easily track who has a key card and who is entering our building.

If you have a need to access the church building at times other than Sunday mornings for regular meetings, rehearsals, or other types of work, then you simply fill out a short application and you will be given a card.

Simply wave the card in front of the door locking keypad (located outside, to the side of the door) and the door will unlock. The door will automatically lock behind you.

If you lose your key card you must notify the church office immediately. The card can be programmed so that it no longer works to open our doors, preventing unauthorized access. Also, as the cards are an expense to the church, a replacement card will cost you $10.

Interior doors are not being re-keyed. If you have a key for those doors, please hang onto it.