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Sunday School Classes and Special Programs

For students from elementary school through high school and college at Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian Church in Cary, NC

Faith Quest Program


PCPW Program

2nd Grade

Confirmation Program

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Children Sunday School

Elementary School

Faith Quest is a Workshop Rotation program that incorporates storytelling, art, drama, puppets, and video workshops to present multi-learning-style lessons from God’s Word.
Kindergarten through 5th Grade

Meet in the Classroom Building Room C215 to begin the Quest
Each class then goes to its designated workshop

9:45 Sunday School Hour

Middle School

Sunday school using a variety of interesting ways to continue to teach the biblical stories of the Christian faith. Our teachers find fun and creative ways to connect with the lectionary (the weekly scripture readings which we use as a guide for worship) using “Feasting on the Word” curriculum. Middle school youth can expect to laugh, pray, get to know one another, and deepen their relationship with God through a variety of approaches and energy levels! 

6th and 7th Grade; 8th Grade students not enrolled in Confirmation

Youth Wing 2 – Lower Level

9:45 Sunday School Hour


Preparing Children for Participation in Worship (PCPW)

Preparing Children for Participation in Worship (PCPW) is a very special program taught to our second graders for a couple of months.
Discussion includes these and other topics:
  • The Order of Worship
  • The Church Year time elements
  • The meaning of the Sacraments
  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • The Apostle’s Creed
  • The Offering, what it is is used for

This will enable the children to actively participate in worship upon completing PCPW.

2nd Grade

Classroom Building

9:45 Sunday School Hour

Preparing Children for Particpation in Worship (PCPW) reading at Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian
PCPW Students at Kirk of Kildaire

Confirmation Class

Confirmation is a special time where each youth who has completed 7th grade has the opportunity to carefully reflect on and explore his or her faith. The 8th grade confirmation year is one of discovery and experience. It’s a chance to ask and attempt to answer questions of faith in a relaxed, fun, and safe environment with others who are on the same journey.

Confirmation is an exciting journey in a youth’s faith life and a journey I hope your youth will join us for.

At the end of the Confirmation year

Youth are asked if they are prepared to affirm the baptismal vows made by their parents on their child’s behalf, claiming Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

For youth who are not Baptized

This is an opportunity to make their own profession of faith and be Baptized.

Interested In Participation?

If your youth is interested in participating in confirmation this year, please contact Pastor Jordan Davis.

8th  – 12th Grade


  • Attend Sunday morning classes
  • Participate in service projects
  • Go on retreats and field trips
  • Complete assignments related to the goals of the class
  • Develop a one-on-one relationship with an adult mentor from the congregation

Youth Wing 1 -Lower Level

9:45 Sunday School Hour, weekly
We meet from September through May.

Lead Teacher:
Associate Pastor Jordan Davis


Upon successful completion of the Confirmation Class, youth will be prepared to:

  • Take next steps on their faith journeys
  • Be baptized or confirm their baptismal vows
  • Declare their Christian faith
  • Accept commissioning to faithful church membership

According to the Presbyterian Church (USA) Book of Order (G-5.0102):
“A faithful member accepts Christ’s call to be involved responsibly in the ministry of his Church.

Such involvement includes:

  1. proclaiming the good news
  2. taking part in the common life and worship of a particular church
  3. praying and studying Scripture and the faith of the Christian Church
  4. supporting the work of the church through the gifts of money, time, and talents
  5. participating in the governing responsibilities of the church
  6. demonstrating a new quality of life within and through the church
  7. responding to God’s activity in the world through service to others
  8. living responsibly in the personal, family, vocational, political, cultural, and social relationships of life
  9. working in the world for peace, justice, freedom, and human fulfillment”

Grow in Faith Sunday School

Be sure to visit our Youth Group Fellowship page for activities other than Sunday School.

High School

This class helps youth grow in faith and further their Biblical knowledge, and it challenges them to put their faith into action. The class format includes Bible study, discussion, and small group interaction. 
Students are invited to grab a seat and get comfy as they discuss how the lectionary text for the day connects to their daily life, constantly asking and answering the question of how God and their faith guide them in the midst of high school stress and excitement. The floor is always open for honest conversation and communal prayer, led by teachers who have a passion for working with emerging adults.

9th – 12th Grade

Youth Wing 3 – Lower Level

9:45 Sunday School Hour


College Age & Young Adults

Young adults gather weekly for a cup of coffee and conversation about how to apply scripture to daily life, using “Feasting on the Word” curriculum. In the midst of scripture focused conversation, relationships are built and prayers are shared as we each find grounding with one another and through God for the coming week.

Post High School Age

C204 – Classroom Building

9:45 Sunday School Hour

Want More Information?
Associate Pastor Jordan Davis

See also the Adults page for additional Young Adults information.

Youth Sunday School at Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian Chruch
Youth Sunday School
Children involved in learning biblical stories
A boy speaking to the congregation during Worship at the Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian
Our youth may serve as lectors during worship
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