Kirk of Kildaire

Scope and Sequence - Five Year Plan

While this is the Kirk’s Scope and Sequence, and has worked well for us in teaching our children, please determine which stories are important to your Christian Education Committee.   Also, you may want to use theses same stories but a different sequence. 

Year One

Noah and the Flood
Daniel and the Lion’s Den
Advent: Shepherd and Angels
Prodigal Son
Mary and Martha
Easter: Last Supper
Psalm 23


Year Two - Jesus’ healing, miracles compassion and power

Jesus & the Man Let Down Through the Roof
The Widow’s mite
Advent: Jesus - The Prince of Peace

The call of Moses (burning bush)

Moses, Plagues & Passover

Easter: Trial and Crucifixion Luke 22,23

Resurrection - Luke 24

1. Creation - Genesis 1&2
2. The Fall - Genesis
3. Adam and Eve – the sin of hiding their sin

Year Three - Commandments

The Ten Commandments
Sermon on the Mount

Advent: Mary, Joseph birth narrative
Good Samaritan
Easter: The sequence of Holy Week

Resurrection Mt 28

1. Pentecost
2. David & Goliath
3. David the King

Year Four - Encountering and walking with Jesus

Paul on the Road to Damascus
Doubting Thomas
Christmas: Wise Men
Calming the Storm
A Walk on the Water
Easter: Resurrection – John 20,21

Parable of the Good Stewards (Ponds/Talents)

Summer: Elijah and the Prophets of Baal

Year Five - The Covenant

Call of Abraham and Sarah
Parables of the Lost sheep/coin
Advent (Luke and Matthew)

Baptism and temptation of Jesus
Peter’s Denial
Easter: Resurrection Luke 24

Joseph – forgiveness and redemption
Peter being freed from prison,
images of the Kingdom of God (mustard seed and pearl)

November 30, 2001