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Advent:† The Birth Narrative

November 17 - December 15, 2002

What kinds of things have you waited for?† A new baby?† Birthdays?†† Christmas?††† How does it feel when you are waiting?† Advent is a time when we wait and get ready for Jesus' birth at Christmas.† In this unit of workshops we will see how Jesus came into the world to fulfill God's plan with the help of two very special people, Joseph and Mary.

Mary and Joseph live in Nazareth and they were planning to get married.† One night, an angel appeared to Mary who told her that God had a very special plan for her.† She was to be the mother of Jesus who will be God's chosen one, the Messiah.† Mary was puzzled, as she was not yet married.† But the angel assured her that it would be alright.† At first, Joseph was upset when he heard that Mary was

pregnant, but an angel appeared to him in a dream and told him that the baby was God's son and to go ahead and get married just as they have planned.† Joseph and Mary loved each other very much and got married.† Together, they made a loving home for their baby.

Our Memory Verse is Isaiah 9:6

"A child has been born for us.† We have been given a son who will be our ruler.† His names will be Wonderful Advisor and Mighty God, Eternal Father and Prince of Peace."† (CEV)

What we will learn:

Nothing is impossible for God.

God brings new hope into the world through Jesus.

Jesus came into the world to fulfill God's plan.

Doing God's work is a blessing.

The Holy Spirit gives us the power to do God's work.

Faith Quest Workshops:

Act out the story of Jesus' birth in Apostle's Playhouse.

In Holywood, watch a special video and discover the true meaning of Christmas.

Make a banner about the events surrounding the birth of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Creation Station.

Play the game "left-right" as you experience the angel visiting Mary to tell her of the birth of Jesus in Antioch Arcade.

Learn that Jesus' birth was planned for a long time and that God told prophets that a Messiah was coming in Good News.

Bake angel cookies and learn about the message the angel brought Mary concerning the birth of Jesus &

Find out what your name and Jesusí name means in Bread of Life Cafe.

Family Time and Prayer:

Read:† Luke 1:26-38 and 2:1-20 or read your favorite Christmas storybook

Reflection:† God chose Mary and Joseph to be the parents of His son, Jesus.† God has a plan for each of us.† How can we be a part of God's plan?† In what ways can we share the message of God's love at this time of year?

Prayer:† Dear God, thank you for the gift of your son so that we can be a part of your plan.† Help us share God's message of love with others.† Amen.

Offering:† Your offering will go to the Helen Wright Center for Women.† The center provides short-term housing and support services for women in need.†† Please bring your offering to the jar in the Great Hall.

Thank-you to our Birth Narrative Workshop Leaders:

Holywood - Barry Harmon

Good News - Angie Christopher

Praising Puppets - Jennifer Beason

Apostle's Playhouse - Dona Woodard

Creation Station - Hope Brown and Carole Rhodes

Antioch Arcade - Allison Connors, Pam Summers (assistant)

Thank-you to our Curriculum Design Team:† Carole Rhodes, Lee Smith, Allison Connors, Angela Farthing, Robin Morris, Catherine Devins, Amy Woynicz, Lori Houck and Marcia Hale, Interim Director of Children's Ministry.