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Welcome to Faith Quest


"Come," Joshua called to his friend. "Jesus is up on the hill. Let us go hear what he has to say." Many people came to hear Jesus teach. Often Jesus would sit on the side of a hill so that people could see him while he shared with them how they could grow in God's way. The Beatitudes are some of the things that Jesus shared with the people. The word Beatitude means "blessings".


The Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12)

God blesses those people who depend only on him. They belong to the kingdom of heaven.

God blesses those people who grieve. They will find comfort!

God blesses those people who are humble. The earth will belong to them!

God blesses those people who want to obey him more that to eat or drink. They will be given what they want!

God blesses those people who are merciful. They will be treated with mercy!

God blesses those people whose hearts are pure. They will see him!

God blesses those people who make peace. They will be called his children!

God blesses those people who are treated badly for doing right. They belong to the kingdom of heaven.

God will bless you when people insult you, mistreat you, and tell all kinds of evil lies about you because of me. Be happy and excited! You will have a great reward in heaven. People did these same things to the prophets who lived long ago.

Our Memory Verse is Proverbs 8:32 (CEV)

"Pay attention, my children! Follow my advice, and you will be happy."

What we will learn:

Faith Quest Workshops:

Act out the Beatitudes in Apostle's Playhouse.

Play the Beatitudes Bingo game in Antioch Arcade.

Praising Puppets learn how God wants us to act and how God takes care of us.

Make a word poster of the attitudes and situations in which God blesses us in Creation Station.

In Holywood, see a video on Jesus presenting the Beatitudes and learn about a different kind of kingdom.

Learn what some of the words mean in the Beatitudes and play the game Beatitude Bash in Good News.

Family Time and Prayer:

Read: Matthew 5:1-12

Reflection: The Beatitudes describe the characterizes of the collective community of Christians. An individual may not have all the virtues described, but God wants us to try to obtain as many as we can.

Prayer: Lord, Thank-you for showing us how to be good Christians. Help us as we try to live the way you want us to.  In your name we pray. Amen.

Offering: Your offering will go to make improvements in the Montreat Campground, a part of our Presbyterian Conference Center.  Our church holds a church family retreat in Montreat every October where we learn how to be disciples of God. Please bring your offering to the jar in the Great Hall.


Thank-you to the Beatitude workshop leaders:

Antioch Arcade - Lisa Ward

Creation Station - Sara Ridings

Praising Puppets - Ginger Espino

Apostle's Playhouse - Amy McRee

Good news - Ken and Kathy Turner

Holywood - Laura Heintschel and John Leonard


Thank-you to our curriculum design team: Carole Rhodes, Lee Smith, Allison Connors, Angela Farthing, Robin Morris, Catherine Devins, Amy Woynicz, Lori Houck and Marcia Hale, Interim Director of Children's Ministry.