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Faith Quest (grades 1-5)

Faith Quest is the Workshop Rotation program for children in grades one through five during the Sunday School time at the Kirk.

The Workshop Rotation Model

The Workshop Rotation method is a different approach from traditional Sunday School. Traditional Sunday School teaches using the "sit and listen" method. Rotation workshops change this to "learning by doing."

The same Bible story or concept is taught in the workshops over five weeks. Each Sunday, the groups of children rotate to a new workshop. Kids love the repetition and need it to remember their lessons.

Because each of the workshop leaders teaches through a different style of learning, the kids don't get bored. Instead, this multiple-intelligence approach enhances the learning process. Children come to know God through a variety of ways.

For God's word to become part of our children's lives,
it must not just be heard or read, but also experienced.

Each Sunday morning at 9:45 am the Faith Quest children gather with their Shepherd in the Great Hall. This is a time together for singing, prayer and bringing our offering to God (a mission project is chosen for each unit of study). The Great Hall is a place to be united as Kirk kids.

The children then adjourn to their workshop for the remainder of the time. Our Faith Quest classes are called Hikers, Climbers, Trekkers, Adventurers and Flyers.

The Faith Quest Workshops

Visit our colorful, bright and exciting workshop rooms in the Great Hall and Activity Building:

Apostles Playhouse – Drama
Praising Puppets – Puppets
Holywood – Movie Time
Creation Station – Art
Antioch Arcade – Bible Temple and Games
Good News – Storytelling and Storymaking
Bread of Life Cafe – Kitchen Workshop

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Faith Quest workshops create opportunities to learn by doing. A goal is to ensure familiarity with the key Bible stories and Bible memory verses.

The curriculum also incorporates critical thinking skills in the lessons.

The lesson plan provides links from the Bible to the present, making the Bible applicable to children's lives. Children need to learn that the Bible is vital to the way they live their lives. Our mission is to shape children into active Christians who live the Bible rather than just know it.  For more information, please visit our Faith Quest curriculum page.

For more information on the lessons listed below and other lessons we have written, please visit our Faith Quest curriculum page. You may also click on an underlined topic below to view the flyer for the indicated lesson set.

Units for 2007-2008 School Year

The Ten Commandments

Sept 2- Sept 30

The Sermon on the Mount (Beatitudes)

Oct 7- Nov 4

Advent: Birth Narrative

Nov 11 - Dec 9

TBDDec 16 - 30

The Good Samaritan

Jan 6- Feb 3


Feb 10- Mar 9

Easter: Holy Week

Mar 16 - Apr 13

ResurrectionApr 20 - May 11

Summer TBD

Starting May 18