Frequently Asked Questions – Faith Quest

Do I need permission to use your lesson sets?

While the Kirk’s lesson sets are copyrighted, you do not need our permission to use them for non-profit purposes.   We do ask, however, that you give the Kirk credit when you use our lessons or portions thereof.   This can simply be done by adding a statement at the end of your lesson stating: “This lesson or portions thereof is from the Kirk of Kildaire, Presbyterian, Cary, NC.”

Where can I find a buzzer like the one you use for your games?

The Kirk was blessed by having an energetic member with lots of electrical knowledge and skill who created the buzzer. We do not have any plans or a schematic for the buzzer.

One source that offers game buzzers is   Another option would be to go to a party store and purchase hand clappers, kazoos and noisemakers.

Where can I find a game wheel like the one you use for your games?

Here again, the Kirk was blessed with another member having the skill and desire to create the big wheel.   We do not have any plans or a schematic for the wheel.

Can I make a donation to you for your wonderful lessons?

The Kirk provides our lessons free of charge as part of our ministry to the greater ecumenical church. Should you want to show appreciation, we suggest you make a donation to and mention our name.   The information is available at their web site,   The Kirk has found this to be a wonderful resource, and we encourage you to review the lessons posted at this site.

Where do you get the games and puzzles for your Journal Pages?

The Kirk uses several purchased puzzle and game books that are marketed for classroom use and do not require approval to use or copy.   Additionally, our curriculum writers also make up their own activities. Another resource is

Our education elders are thinking about starting a rotation model at our church. We have read lots of literature, looked over the information you have provided about curriculum design, but want to know how many writers do you have and could our church do the same number of workshops with only two writers?

The Kirk has a writer for each workshop, and the writer writes solely for her/his particular workshop each time.   Writers become comfortable with their medium and acquire resources to support it.   We have found it practical to share the workload that is involved in writing curriculum by having a writer focus on each workshop.   In having only two writers, you will run a high risk of losing focus and getting burned out.   If your plan is to modify curriculum, you may be able to use two writers, keep changes to a minimum so that this is not a huge task.

Where do you get your music for the Great Hall?

The Great Hall Leader picks songs from the hymnal, from Christian CDs and tapes, sheet music, etc.   We do not have a canned spot that we pull the music from for the time in the Great Hall.

Where do you find activities for your Bible stories?

The first question is “what do we want the kids to learn from this Bible story?”  Answer that question first and the activity ideas will come.   To generate ideas, we use lots of books, other lesson ideas and a feel for what we would like to do.

Why is your memory verse not taken from the scripture text?

We try to find a memory verse that encapsulates the concepts we are trying to teach.   The story scripture does not always have a final summary verse.   So we use other scripture references to hit the main idea.