Wise Men


November 16 – December 14, 2003





Scripture:          Matthew 2: 1-22


Memory Verse:      “Those who walked in the dark have seen a bright light.  And it shines upon everyone who lives in the land of darkest shadows.”  Isaiah 9:2  CEV



1.     God leads us to Jesus.

2.     As followers of Jesus, we worship him as our Lord.

3.     Jesus is the light of the world.

4.     We are called to offer our gifts to Jesus.



1.     Children will view the video “Jacob’s Gift”.

2.     Each child will think of a gift to give to one of God’s children.

3.     The children will make a bright star as a reminder of their gift and of Jesus who is the light of the world.



Welcome and Introductions:

1.     Greet the children and introduce yourself.  Wear your name tag. Make sure the children are wearing name tags. If not, ask the shepherd to supply a temporary badge. Remember you are interacting with a different group of students each week who may not know you.


2.     Hold up a wrapped gift. Who gives presents at Christmas? (any and all answers are fine) Why do you give gifts? (to show love, because you want to please someone)

Who gave the very first Christmas presents (wise men). What were their gifts? (gold, frankincense and myrrh)

The wise men traveled a long way, following a star. Where did the star lead the wise men? (to Bethlehem, to the baby Jesus). God led the wise men to Jesus.


3.     Distribute Bibles to children. The only gospel that tells the story of the wise men is Matthew. Listen to the scripture to see if you can answer this question: What did the wise men tell King Herod was the reason they came to see the child?


4.     Read the scripture. What did the wise men tell King Herod was the reason they came to see the child? (to worship him (v.2)) Why do we go to church? (to worship Jesus/God)


5.     Today we are going to watch a video about a boy who gave a gift to Jesus. This is not a true story. It is made from someone’s imagination. However, it reminds us of a very important reason for why we give gifts to others. As you watch the video, see if you can learn how to complete this sentence:


“Giving to one of God’s children is like ___________________.” (write this on the board)


6.     Distribute the popcorn with help from the Shepherds or volunteer children. (Popcorn  should already be made) OR you may need to start the video immediately and then pass popcorn.




1.     Show the video. It’s about 25 minutes long if it is cued after the beginning credits.


2.     When the video is over do not turn the lights on. Ask: What led Jacob to Jesus? (the bright star, light) What does light do for us? (helps us see) Can you see very well in the dark?


3.     Turn lights back on. What was it like to sit in the dark? Can you see better with the lights on?


Jesus is like the light. He helps us see. Jesus is often called the light of the world. He is the light in our lives and shows us the way we should act and behave. Recite the memory verse.


4.     I asked you to watch the video and see if you could complete this sentence.


“Giving to one of God’s children is like giving a gift to God.”


Who are God’s children? (everyone) What gifts do you have to give to someone else? It doesn’t have to cost any money! Can you think of some ways you can give a gift to others? Make a list on the board. (help someone, be a good friend, be nice to brothers and sisters, visit with grandparents, smile at someone who seems lonely, sit with someone new at school) See the end of this lesson for more gift ideas.


If you did any of these things for someone, who else would be getting a gift? (God, Jesus)


Journal Time

1.     We are going to make a star ornament to remind us of the gifts we have to give God’s children. Show an example of the star ornament. On one side, write a gift that you can give to someone each and every day. On the other side you will glue a glow in the dark star.


2.     Hand out card stock paper and pencils. Ask the kids to write a gift they can give. Refer to the board for ideas. When finished, they can ask for a star and glue. Punch a hole at the top and thread a piece of ribbon through the hole and tie a knot.


3.     Children may take home their star ornaments and hang on the light switch of a lamp in their bedroom. When the light is turned off, it will glow as a reminder of the gift to others and to God.


Reflection Time:

1.     Ask everyone to get in a circle and hold the star ornament out in front.   Turn off the lights. Admire the glowing stars.


2.     Recite the memory verse. “Those who walked in the dark have seen a bright light.  And it shines upon everyone who lives in the land of darkest shadows.”  Isaiah 9:2  CEV



Prayer: With lights still turned off, offer a prayer. Thank you God for being the light of our world. Just as you showed the wise men the way to Jesus, show us the way. Help us share our gifts with God’s children as our gift to you. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.


Tidy and Dismissal: Ask children to help clean up popcorn as they wait for their parents to arrive. Wait until after class to pile up the beanbag chairs. The kids tend to throw them. Wipe out popcorn machine thoroughly.


Teacher preparation in advance:

1.     Read the scripture passages and attend the Faith Quest Leaders Bible Study.

2.     Write the question on the board. “Giving to one of God’s children is like ______”

3.     Write the memory verse on a poster. Glow in the dark ink would be fun!

4.     Obtains supplies for the star ornaments. Make a sample.

5.     Check out the room before your first Sunday workshop so that you know where everything is located. The bin with supplies is in the closet.

6.     Preview the video and have it cued to the correct starting place. The video will be given to you at the Workshop Leaders Bible Study. Be sure to ask for it.

7.     PRACTICE OPERATING THE POPCORN MACHINE. Ask the current workshop leader for instructions. Be sure you have plenty of popcorn popped BEFORE the children arrive. You will need to have your attention on the children at that point. Ask the shepherds or child volunteers to help distribute it to children who are sitting quietly.



Jacob’s Gift. From the book by Max Lucado. Tommy Nelson, Inc. Available from,




Gift ideas

Time, patience

love, kindness

pray for others

friendship, fun





laughter, joy



sharing good news of Jesus,  witness to others

visiting, caring for someone who is sick, old

thoughtfulness in calling Grandmas and Grandpas, cards, letters

Singing, music, choir, enjoyment, sharing gifts with others




Glow in the Dark stars – I will supply

Narrow ribbon cut in 6 inch lengths

Paper hole punch

Card stock paper in 2x3 inch squares

Tacky glue

Pencils, pens for writing gift ideas


Memory verse written in Glow in the dark ink (Joanne or Michaels stores)