The Man Let Down Through the Roof






This workshop will begin at approximately 10 a.m. and you will need to begin working in your reflection journals by 10:35. Faith Quest concludes at 10:45


Scripture:     Mark 2:1-12




1.      Our faith in God can help others

2.      We show our faith in God by helping and praying for others




1.      The children will discuss how their faith can help others.

2.      Using the puppets, the children will discover what they can do to bring others to Jesus.



Welcome and Introductions:

1.      Greet the children and introduce yourself.  Remember you are interacting with a different group of students each week that may not know you.

2.      Tell the children that today they will use the puppets to learn how they can be like the friends in the story.


Bible Story: 

1.      Have a brief discussion with the children using some of the questions below to introduce the Bible story.  Adjust the questions as needed for different age groups.                                  In which testament do we find the stories of Jesus? —New Testament                                What part of the New Testament has the stories of Jesus? —The Gospels                                                                                                          Which books are in the Gospels? —Matthew, Mark, Luke, John.                                                                                                                                  

2.      Tell the children they will hear a story from Mark and act out a modern version with puppets. Read the scripture passage or from a children’s Bible story. In later weeks, ask the children to tell you the story. Discuss the story of the paralyzed man: 

·          What did Jesus say about the friends? — Jesus noticed how much faith the friends had and said that was why he forgave the man.

·          Do you think Jesus/God notices when we help people? —Opinions may vary, but suggest to the children that this story shows it is very important what people do for one another.  The paralyzed man could not get to Jesus.  Without his friends very hard work, he would not have been healed.  It also seems important to notice how persistent the friends were.  They could not be dissuaded in getting their friend to Jesus.

·          Today, we are going to see how another group of 4 puppet friends wanted to bring their classmate to Jesus.



Note:  There are 4 characters in this script. It is highly recommended that the workshop leader tape- record the script beforehand.  This way all children can be puppeteers and focus on the acting and what the script means rather than on the challenge of reading the words.

1.      Ask all children to sit quietly. Go through some puppet etiquette. No biting puppets. No rough puppet handling. Hand out puppets.


2.      Do some warm up exercises. Practice the following: Puppets listening (mouth closed), talking (body and mouth move), surprised, thinking, upset, scared( trembling), laughing. Remember to hold the puppets up high and close the puppet mouth when it is not talking! Remind the children that the puppets need to move when they are speaking and the non-speaking puppets need to turn toward the speaker.  The puppets also need to exaggerate any action. 


3.      Group the children into acting teams of 4. Assign a character to each child. Hand out scripts.


4.      Rehearse. Sit on the floor in teams. Puppets should act out their part in their team as you play the pre-made tape of the puppet show. Comment on good puppet behavior.  


5.      Give instructions for using the stage. No rough behavior! Move quickly and quietly into position. Tip: tape a couple of scripts onto the curtain of both stage levels. Explain good audience behavior.


6.      Work behind the stage. Depending on the number of kids, choose 4 or 8 children to perform behind the stage at a time. The numbers of children may not work out evenly; just be creative to give everyone an opportunity to manipulate a puppet. 


7.      Play the tape again and ask the puppeteers to act out the script. Repeat until all children have a chance to act. Do make use of both levels to get more children through quickly.



1.      End the play at 10:30 to allow time for discussion. Ask the children to return the puppets to their storage location and to sit down quietly for discussion. 

·          How did the friends in our puppet play bring Mike to Jesus?

·          What should the puppets do if Mike won’t come to Faith Quest?

·          What kind of good behavior can we model for others (smile and be friendly to others, sit at lunch with a lonely children, invite a child to play, be helpful to parents and grandparents, etc.


Reflection Time:

1.      At 10:35 a.m. ask the shepherds to pass out the journals and pencils/markers.  Ask all the children to write ways they believe they can help their friends or ways that they can “bring their friends to Jesus” like the friends did in the story.  Suggestions might be praying, bringing their friends to church, or other more tangible ways of helping such as taking a meal to someone, sending a card, visiting someone who cannot leave home, etc.    Younger children should write at least four ways they can help their friends and older children should write eight.  

2.      Ask the children if there is anyone in particular that they would like to “bring to Jesus today”.  Is there someone they know who is sick, hurt, scared, lonely, sad?  Give the children a slip of paper that reads: “Today I will pray for _________.” They can name anyone they wish. They can fold the paper, share it or not. It is private.

3.      At 10:45 ask the students to close their journals and sit quietly for prayer.



Prayer: Holding the prayer papers in hand, say a short prayer asking God to be with those people who have been mentioned in our papers and any others who need special help. 


Tidy and Dismissal: Ask children to help clean up as they wait for their parents to arrive.  Put pillows behind stage area. Put away boom box, workshop bin, etc


Extra activity:


If you have extra time with the older children, have them locate the other gospel accounts of this story -- Matthew 9:1-8 and Luke 5:17-26. Call out the passage and let them race to see who can be first to find it in the Bible.


Teacher preparation in advance:

1.      Read the scripture passages and attend the Faith Quest Leaders Bible Study.

2.      Pre-record the puppet show script so that it may be played during the class rather than the children reading all the parts. Use family and friends to get 4 different voices.

3.      Make 20 copies of the script.  Post two scripts behind each level of the stage for the puppeteers to follow along.  

4.      Prepare slips of paper for the prayer time. “Today I will pray for _________.”

5.      Prepare a closing prayer.

6.      Check out the room before your first Sunday .

7.      Bring a CD or taped music for background music while you are gathering, along with meditative music for reflection time.



·          Pre-recorded tape of the script and CD/Tape player

·          20 copies of the script.

·          Slips to paper to write Prayer offerings 


Mike’s Friends



Billy             I don’t know what to do. Mike is in the school yard teasing all the little kids.           


Jamie           I know what you mean. Mike pushed me down when I tried to stop him. 


Chris           Yesterday he called me names and it hurt my feelings. (starts to cry)


Sally            Oh, Chris! I’m so sorry that your feelings were hurt! What are we going to do? Mike needs our help.


Billy             Help! He needs a punch in the nose!


Jamie           No, he doesn’t need a punch in the nose. He needs to learn a better way to treat people.


Chris           Well, what can we do? (everyone is puzzled)


Sally            I know! We can pray for him. We’ll ask Jesus to help him be kind to others.


Billy             We can pray for ourselves too. We’ll ask God to help us be good role models. We’ll be kind to Mike! We’ll show him how to be kind to others!


Jamie           That’s a great idea. Can we do anything else?


Chris           Why don’t we invite him to come to Faith Quest. He can learn about Jesus here.


Sally            Bringing Mike to Faith Quest would be like bringing him to Jesus.


Billy             Yes! Just like the friends who brought the paralyzed man to Jesus.


Jamie           Does that mean we have to bring Mike to Faith Quest on a stretcher? (everybody laughs)


The End