Mary and Martha


Luke 10:38-42


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Workshop: Antioch Arcade (Grades 3-5)

Be still, and know that I am God” — Psalm 46:10 (NRSV)


Martha was busy and worried. It wasn’t fair that Mary just sat around listening to Jesus! Martha complained, but Jesus said she worried about too many unimportant things. Mary had chosen best.


When do you think it’s easiest to talk to and listen to God? While you’re watching a movie or listening to music? Or when you’re praying or at church or Faith Quest? Write three situations that are good times for you to be calm and listen to God.


Busy Day


It’s Saturday morning and you have the entire day to do whatever you’d like to do. Look at the following chart and decide how you’re going to spend the next 12 hours. Write the number of hours you will spend doing each activity on an average Saturday, on the corresponding line. You may put 0 hours next to categories as well as adding categories of your own.



Number of Hours

Watch TV or movie


Play video or computer games


Read a book


Play with friends/ siblings


Do homework


Listen to music


Read the Bible




Do chores






Play a musical instrument




Play a sport


Talk on the phone


Use email or instant messages


Go on a family outing


Ride a bike


Quietly think or meditate


Other activities (list below):















Source: Disciple Builders. “Too Busy For Jesus.” Disciple Playhouse.