Antioch Arcade #1

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ANTIOCH ARCADE   -    This workshop will last 45 minutes.


SCRIPTURE: Healing of the Centurion’s servant (Matt. 8:5-13 & Luke 7:1-10)  Key verse:  Matt. 8:8 “But the centurion answered him, ‘Lord, I am not worthy to have you come under my roof; but only speak the word and my servant will be healed.’”


OBJECTIVES:  The children will understand Jesus showed compassion to all people. 

                          The children will grow in understanding that Jesus was doing God’s will and Jesus was  healing people to show God’s love and Jesus’ specialness.

                          The children will be able to retell the story  of this miracle of Jesus.

                          The children will understand that sometimes the least outwardly ‘religious’ among us are the most faithful.


CONCEPT:  Define “miracle” for children (miracle - a wonderful event which shows us the power of God, or an especially vivid moment when as a result of an unexpected and surprising event, one becomes aware of the presence and power or God at work). 


The game ‘Wheel of Fortune’ will encourage the children to remember the story and to have fun finding the answers in the Bible, remembering details from the story and  working together to play.  This workshop allows for maximum learning for those children who are verbal linguistic and logical mathematical.



1.  Welcome the kids.  Open the time with prayer.  In your prayer, thank God for each person gathered there and ask God to open your ears and eyes that you might all see/hear/experience God’s awesome power.  If you are not comfortable using your own prayer, find one in a resource book in library, ask someone to write one for you to use.


2.  Make sure you know each child’s name and use their names when speaking with them.  You may want to have each child introduce themselves in a game appropriate for ANTIOCH ARCADE.


For example:  Hi, my name is ______________and my favorite game  is _____________.


3.  Introduce the bible lesson.  You may choose to tell the story, read the scripture from your bible, have kids find bible passage and you read it, have kids find it and volunteer to read it, have it written on scroll and read it, have it printed out in large print for all to read together - you choose how you feel is best for you and your teaching style.  What method best suits the story?  How old are the kids?  Do you need to modify the story for the older kids/younger kids?


Whatever method of introducing the bible lesson you choose, it is recommended that you use either the New Revised Standard Version or Contemporary English Version.


4.  Go over how to play WHEEL OF FORTUNE with the kids. 


Depending on the size of the group, you will probably need to divide the class in half.  They will take turns being the participants and the audience. 


For those being participants, you could have contestant partners, 3 groups of 2.  You might choose audience members to read the categories, help with the letter boards or act as score keeper.  Involve as many kids as possible in each game.


To play, have 1 partner from the pair spin the wheel.  The other partner will guess a letter.  If the letter is in the puzzle, they can try and solve it.  If they can’t solve the puzzle, the other partner gets to spin the wheel and the other partner guess a letter this time.  This continues until they either guess a wrong letter, spin “Lose a Turn”, spin “Bankrupt” or solve the puzzle.


Play continues in this manner until one of the teams has scored the puzzle.  Allow 3-4 puzzles before you switch participants/audience members.


Things to do during the game:

            a.  You will need to make blanks for the puzzle on a dry erase board.  This is like doing a hangman game.  For example, for the phrase ‘I love you’ you would write on the board

__    __  __  __  __      __  __  __.


            b.  You will need someone to mark out the letters of the alphabet that people have guessed.  This keeps the kids from guessing letters that have already been called.


            c.  You will need to have someone be “Vanna”.  In this game that involves writing neatly the letters in the blanks as they are correctly guessed.


            d.  You will need someone to keep score by adding the dollar amounts as they are accumulated for correct letters.  Don’t forget, you get the amount for the number or letters that are in the puzzle.  For example, if the puzzle contains 3 T’s and you spun $100, you would get $300.


            e.  You may choose someone to read each phrase category or clue.  If do this, do not have the answers on the card or sheet you give them to read off  of.


Wheel of Fortune uses category titles or clues to get the kids started guessing.  For example, some categories that fit this story might be:  Persons, Places, Occupations, Bible References, Things Jesus Said,  Things the centurion said.  Sample game questions are below:


Persons:  1. Who did Jesus heal?   __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ ‘ __        __ __ __ __ __ __ __

                        (centurion’s servant)

            2.  One who was amazed.  __ __ __ __ __ (Jesus)

            3.  Who will people eat with?   (3 answers that include Abraham, Isaac and Jacob)


1.  Where did the centurion live?  __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ (Capernaum)

2.  Where do Jews worship?   __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __      (Synagogue)

3.  Where will people come from to eat ?   __ __ __ __      __ __ __       __ __ __ __ (east and west)


1.  Centurion?  __ __ __ __ __ __ __  (Soldier)

2.  Paralyzed man?   __ __ __ __ __ __ __ (Servant)

Bible References:     

1.  Matthew 8:7  “__     __ __ __ __     __ __ __ __     __ __ __     __ __ __ __     __ __ __”  (I will come and cure him)

2.  Luke 7:6 .....__ __ __      __     __ __     __ __ __      __ __ __ __ __ __ (...for I am not worthy..)

3.  Matt. 8:13   (And the servant was healed in that hour).

4.  Luke 7:8  (...I say to one, ‘Go’ and he goes...)


You will need to develop other questions depending on how many kids you are going to have.   Refer to the scripture.  You may also have some questions about miracles that are not particular to this text or general questions about Jesus.           


Questions will need to be tailored to the age of children you will have.  With the older kids, you may want to have them divide into teams and write some the questions you will use in the game.  This will help fill the time and involve them at a higher level.


5.  Play the Game!  Keep score and have some small prize ( first to line up at door, don’t have to help clean up, first to get item for journal, slightly larger candy prize).  DO NOT award winning team with something and everyone else with nothing.  Best to show positive reinforcement to all, but a special little extra for those who “won”. 


6.  Review the key verse and discuss some things we do that might make us “not worthy”.  Talk about how we can help each other just as Jesus helped the Centurion, even though the Centurion was different from Jesus.


7.  Have kids put either a stamp from your workshop, a sticker or a small item (Small paper money, write name of favorite game?) in their journal to help them remember where they went and what the workshop was about.  This is to help them when they do their journal writing at the end of the day.




Close with a prayer.  For example:  Loving God, thank you for fun, friends and game to play.  Help us to work together to help others, even if they are different than us.  Help us to remember the story of the soldier who believed in Jesus and asked for help for his servant and friend.  Help us to be like that soldier and have faith in you at all times.





1.  Preview game and make sure that you have all the necessary parts (alphabet board, dry erase board, markers, eraser, place to keep score, Wheel of Fortune is working and game overlays are okay for your game)


2. Write questions or have supplies to have kids write questions.


3.  Write opening prayer  or “get” one you like.


4.  Decide how you want to present the bible lesson and practice whatever method you choose.  Practice telling the story and get any props you might wish to use (nothing to elaborate for props!)


5.  Write questions for discussion.  Be sure to include both fact recall questions and “thinking” questions.  Be prepared to answer questions kids might have. 


6.  Decide what you want to use to ‘mark’ kids’ journals.  This sticker/stamp/item is to help them remember what they saw, did, learned in your workshop to help them at journal writing at the end of the day.  It is NOT to be a craft they do, just a small item you have for them to place in their Daily Journal to encourage them to respond to what they have experienced.


7.  Decide how you want to close.  Have prayer written - are you going to read it, have kids read it together, one kid read, etc.  What if you have extra time?  Are there other activities you could do?  (develop a cross word puzzle about story, do word search using words from  the story.




*Wheel of Fortune Board


*Item for journals

*Possible puzzle sheet or activity for extra time

Optional – kids love to dress up as Vanna. Have a sparkly vest or top hat ready to “be” Vanna.




“Jesus’ Miracles”, J. Nowak, Memorial Presbyterian Church, Xenia, OH