Faith Quest Format

This is the general format that will be used for Faith Quest. Each component is purposeful and intentional. Please follow the format as closely as possible.

Great Hall Assembly

  1. Student Arrival in the Great Hall ≠ Shepherds will take attendance and collect the offering.
  2. Great Hall Assembly ≠ The children will be welcomed with their shepherds. The Great Hall Director will lead a review the Bible story, recite the Bible memory verse for the unit, sing songs, and say a prayer.
  3. Adjourn to the workshop rooms

Workshop Format

  1. Welcome and Introductions ≠ Introduce yourself and your workshop and how it contributes to the overall theme for the unit. Tell the children what they will be learning. Open with a brief prayer.
  2. Read the Scripture/Bible Story ≠ ask a volunteer to help read the scripture for your lesson. Everyone should follow along. Have a brief discussion of the scripture focusing on the highlights that pertain to your lesson.
  3. Application ≠ The workshop leader conducts the lesson. The students will be given an opportunity to explore the Bible story in a different way each week of the rotation.
  4. Wrap-up ≠ Your explanation of your lesson and how it relates to the story will be very important. Review what the children have learned. Restate the lessonís key concepts. Recite the Bible memory verse learned in the Great Hall. Ask questions to stimulate ideas for reflection.
  5. Reflection Time - Shepherds will lead this exercise in helping the children to write down the faith concepts they have learned in a journal. Help children who have difficulty articulating their ideas.
  6. Prayer ≠ The workshop leader will lead the group in prayer. Please encourage different kinds of prayer, circle prayers, volunteers for prayer and prayer requests.
  7. Tidy and Dismissal ≠ The workshop leaders should be prepared with crossword puzzles, Bible trivia cards or other activities while students wait for their parents. Ask the children for help with clean-up. Help them take pride in their new classrooms. The Shepherd should collect name-tags and journals.