David: Godís Chosen King


Apostleís Playhouse


Scripture:1 Samuel 16:1-13††††


Memory Verse: ďThe Lord said, People judge others by what they look like, but I judge people by what is in their hearts.Ē I Samuel 16:7 CEV




  1. God has a plan and is in control.
  2. God sees and understands things we do not.
  3. God sees our hearts and not our outward appearance.
  4. God chooses unlikely people to do Godís work.



1.     The classwill learn about how David, a shepherd boy, was chosen to be king of Israel by listening to and acting out 1 Samuel 16:1-13.

2.     The children will understand that God sees and understands things that we donít know and that God has a plan for us.




Welcome and Introductions:

1.     Greet the children and introduce yourself.Wear your name-tag.

2.     Explain the purpose of this workshop. How many of you are the youngest child in your family? (Accept answers) Great! Today we are going to learn about David who was the youngest of eight boys. Even though he was the youngest he was still chosen to be king of Israel because God knew Davidís heart was good and pure.




Scripture/Bible Story:

Review the Bible story 1 Samuel 16:1-13. Read the passage aloud to the children or let them take turns reading (for older grades).


----I wonder why God chose David to be a king even though David was the youngest? David has good qualities that will make him a good king such as patience, love of God, fairness, intelligence etc.

----How do you think Davidís brothers felt? Surprised, jealous, glad to have a king in the family, annoyed because now they canít pick on him any more.

----Has God ever chose you to do his work? Examples of doing Godís work-helping others etc.



The class will make a movie of the Lord choosing David to be King.

Actors needed: Lord (can be workshop leader), Samuel, town leaders, Jesse.Sons/daughters pick 8 (more or less is appropriate). Donít assign sons/daughters names or designate one as David, instead give them sealed envelopes; inside the envelope have a sonís or daughterís name and a brief description of them. For example: ďMy name is Shammah and I am honest/shy/hardworking etc. I enjoy working with my hands and I am especially good at building. My favorite food is olives.Ē (See suggestions at the end of lesson plan.)Include a description of David in one envelope. When selecting parts give each son/daughter an envelope but tell them not to open it until it is time to do that in the play. Make sure to give Davidís envelope to one child even if all the son/daughter envelopes are not distributed.

Everyone can have a part in the play adjust numbers as necessary.

Props: olive oil flask, ďofferingĒ to God, back pack, crown, stuffed sheep if available.

Older children can act and read lines, for the younger ones or non-readers ďGodĒ (the workshop leader) can act as a narrator to cue the action and words from the actors.


Taping hints: Before taping practice the play at least once (donít open the envelopes during practice though, save that for the real thing) and then film. Directions for using VCR follow.

Another option: You may choose to go outside for the play either with or without taping it.


Video Taping Instructions


Equipment: camera, extension cord, tripod, blank VHS tape, TV/VCR


An old video camera that uses a VHS tape to record is easiest to use. There is no messing with wires and TV hookups to view. After you have finished taping, you remove the tape from the camera and put it in the VCR for viewing on the TV. No special lighting is required.


Before the workshop: Set up the camera on the tripod. Use the extension cord to make sure you have plenty of room to focus.

Position the camera so that it is in focus and at the right angle. Mark the spot with masking tape (optional but helpful). Put the camera on ďstandbyĒ. Leave the camera set up or just off to the side, ready for use when needed.

A shepherd or youth helper can be the camera person after all is set up. The shepherd can also eject the tape and get it ready to view in the TV/VCR.



Reflection Time:

Why do you think I didnít assign Davidís or Jesseís children specific parts but left it as a surprise? (accept answers) Good answers, one reason is to show how we donít always know Godís plan in advance. We canít control everything that happens to us. Godís plans for us may come suddenly or as a surprise. God chooses unlikely people to do Godís work.


Give each child an index card. Write down something special or interesting about themselves that we canít see, (for example: I enjoy walking my dog, I pray at night before I go to sleepÖ) This can be an interesting fact about us that God knows because God knows our hearts not something that we can see (for example, I have brown hair.)

After the children write their cards shuffle them, pull one out and read it. Everyone will try to guess who wrote the card. Make sure shepherds and workshop leaders have also made a card.

Thank all the children for sharing those special things about themselves. Tell them that God knows each one of us inside and out and has a special plan for our lives.




Prayer: Lead prayer. Thank you God for having a plan for us and for loving us for who we are inside and not what we look like. Help us to do your work. Amen


Tidy and Dismissal: Ask children to help tidy up. Put clothes and props in the bin on the stage.



Teacher preparation in advance:


1.     Read the scripture passages and attend the Faith Quest Leaders Bible Study.

2.     Prepare a closing prayer.

3.     Check out the room before your first Sunday workshop so that you know where everything is located.


Supply List


olive oil flask, back pack, ďofferingĒ to God, crown, stuffed sheep if available.

Scripts for each actor with lines highlighted

Sealed envelopes with cards for sons/daughters

Biblical costume

index cards

camera equipment



The Lord Chooses David to be King

Narrator: The Lord was in a bad mood, he was sorry that he had made Saul a King.


Lord (looking grumpy): Samuel, I donít think Saul should be king anymore. He is not doing a good job. Donít worry about it though. Pack up your olive oil and go visit Jesse. One of his sons will be a good king.


Samuel: But God, if King Saul finds out heíll be really mad and put me in jail!


Lord: Donít worry. Take a calf with you and tell everyone you are going to make a sacrifice then invite Jesse to the sacrifice. When Jesse comes with his sons Iíll tell you which son will be king and you pour the olive oil on his head. See, isnít that easy!


Narrator:Samuel packs his back pack with olive oil and an offering and walks to Bethlehem. When he gets to Bethlehem, he sees the town leaders and they wonder if he has come to cause trouble.


Town leaders:Hey Samuel, are you here as a friend or as an enemy?


Samuel: Iím here as a friend. In fact, Iíve come to make a sacrifice to our Lord. You are invited to come. Oh, here comes Jesse, he is invited too. Hi Jesse, come to the sacrifice and bring your children too.


Narrator: Samuel sets up the sacrifice by preparing the sacrificial animal, cross and olive oil. Jesse walks up with some of his children, the other half are left behind.


Jesse: Hi Samuel, thanks for inviting me to the sacrifice. These are my oldest children (points to children). Kids, meet Samuel, an old friend of mine.


Samuel: Look at that child (points to the tallest child), he is the tallest so he must be the one God picked to be King.


Lord: I wouldnít pick someone to be king just because they are tall.


Samuel: How about this one, (points to another child) he is so handsome or this one who has a nice haircut?


Lord: Being handsome wonít make you a good king or a good person. People judge others by what they look like but Iím God and I judge people by what is in their hearts.


Samuel: Do you have any other children that could come?


Jesse: Yes, they are at home, Iíll call them. (Yells to children) Kids, put the sheep away and come to the sacrifice. (other children come over.)


Narrator: Some of Jesseís children were in the field taking care of sheep. Every one waiting until they came.


Samuel: So Jesse, these are all your children?


Jesse: Yes, they are all here, even the youngest, little David the shepherd but we all know you wouldnít pick him. Ha, ha.


Lord: Like I said before, I choose people by what is in their hearts, not by what they look like or how old they are.


Samuel: Let us find out who is the chosen one.


(Children line up and take turns opening and reading their envelopes. After they are done readingÖ.)


Lord: I have chosen David to be the King!


Narrator: Samuel pours olive oil on Davidís head and then David felt Godís spirit with him.


Lord: (places crown on Davidís head) My spirit will be with you.


Everyone together: Praise the Lord!










Eliab: I am the oldest son of Jesse. I have always been the boss and when I get older I will inherit all my fatherís land. Iím good at math and I especially like counting money. Oh, did I mention that I am considered very handsome!



Abinadab: Iím the second oldest. Iím also quite good looking but Iím jealous of my brother because he gets all the attention and land because he is the oldest.



Shammah: Iím the third oldest. Iím kind of shy. I like to read a lot, Iím good at drawing and I love animals. My favorite food is olives. I love to go to church with my family.



David: Iím the youngest of eight boys. My chore is taking care of the sheep each day. I try to do a good job for my father because he has given me a big responsibility. I hope he is proud of me. When I take care of the sheep at night I like to look at constellations.



Son #4: Iím right in the middle. To get attention I like to pick on my little brothers and fight with my older brothers. I am really very smart but sort of lazy. My favorite food is pita bread with honey.



Son #5: I love to work as a messenger because I enjoy running to bring messages to different people. I donít like sitting still. My favorite food is dates. I keep a handful in my pocket for quick energy.



Son #6: I am studying to be a carpenter because I enjoy building and using my hands. Iím glad I donít have Davidís job taking care of the sheep. I used to have to watch the sheep before David was old enough to do it. Shepherd is the worst job! But I love David, he is a great kid.



Son #7: No one ever pays attention to me because Iím not the youngest but not near one of the big kids. I donít know what I want to be when I grow up. Maybe a farmer.