Good News Journal for David and Goliath

Your Name: _______________

Cloud Callout: Saul was a great King, but he had too much pride.  He made his own decisions instead of relying on Godís instructions. David asked God for help.  
Can you list some of the things God has asked us to do? 
Things God has

asked us to do:

Even though David trusted God when he faced Goliath, do you think he was afraid?
Have you ever faced a problem that took courage to solve?

Fill in the blanks using your memory and/or the Bible verses we used today:

Joshua 1:9, Psalm 118:6, I Samuel 17:37


Donít ever be ________ or discouraged.I am the ______ your God and I will be
there to ___________ you wherever you go.


The ________ is on my side.I am not _______ of what _________ can do to me.


The Lord rescued me from the claws of ______ and _______.He will keep me
_____ from the hands of the Philistines.


Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian Church Faith Quest Summer 2003