David and Goliath


Apostle’s Playhouse



Scripture:  1 Samuel 17:1-50



Memory Verse: “Don’t ever be afraid or discouraged!  I am the Lord your God, and I will be there to help you wherever you go.”  Joshua 1:9 (CEV)




·        God is with you in difficult situations      

·        Rely on God because God is more powerful than anything you will face in this world.


Special Note:  Thank you for teaching David and Goliath.  Given the present situation in the Middle East and the subject matter of the curriculum, please defer any questions you may be asked about the war, aftermath of the war, rebuilding of Iraq, etc., to the parents.  Please affirm the child’s question, but encourage them to ask a parent, saying something like, “That is a great question, but I think your mom or dad might like to answer that question for you.  Christians don’t always agree about a particular war, and I think your parents should probably be the people you ask first about our war with Iraq.” 

            We believe it is important for the parents to respond to their child’s questions, and share their thoughts and beliefs, instead of the Workshop Leader responding and possibly giving a differing point of view from what the parent would like his/her child told regarding the war.  Thank you.



The children will demonstrate an understanding of the concepts by drawing parallels between the armor of David and the armor of God.




Welcome and Introductions:

1.     Greet the children and introduce yourself.


2.     Today we are going to read the story of David and Goliath.  Then we’re going to compare the protection of the armor that Saul gave David with the protection of God.   We’ll create commercials to advertise the virtues of each and decide which is best.



Scripture/Bible Story:

Review the Bible story. Read aloud to the children from a Bible storybook.  Ask them to listen especially to the description of the armor.



First discuss the story.  What challenges did David face? (lions, bears, Goliath) How did David know he could face Goliath? (The same way he faced lions and bears-because God was with him) 


Just as David knew that God was with him, What can you know about God:

·        God is with you in difficult situations;

·       Rely on God because God is more powerful that anything you will face in this world.

(Display these 2 concepts on poster board or chart paper so the children can refer to them throughout the next activity.)


1. Show the kids some armor that might be like what David was given to wear. Hockey and/or football gear is great. Mix it up though so it is not all one sport but an eclectic collection of protective gear. Show the kids the individual pieces. Ask how each piece might protect the wearer.


Let’s pretend we are making a commercial to sell this armor to David and the other soldiers. What advertising words do you know that could be used to describe this gear and how it works? Eg. This super deluxe helmet is made of the hardest material guaranteed to stop spears and protect your brains. This extra super duper thick padded coat will stop spears and keep you warm too! Brainstorm ideas for superlatives that they have heard used in commercials.


Divide the kids into small groups. A group ( 2 or more kids) for each piece of gear. Give them a few minutes to decide on a 10 second commercial for it. Include a demonstration of how it works or some words about its deluxe features and how it will save you in battle.  Post these prompts to be included in the commercial.

·       What is it? Use lots of exciting words

·       How does it work? Demonstrate it

·       Tell us why we should buy it



Younger kids: help each group get started by introducing their product with a typical voice over. Eg.“Are you tired of:

·       getting banged in the head

·       attacked with spears

·       breaking your spear during battle

·       shields that are too small or thin?

·       A metal coat that spears go right through?


Well have we got the product for you!” The  kids take it from here. Let the kids describe or demonstrate their product and how it is going to save them. You can make up a little intro for each piece of gear in your armor.


Older kids: Assign someone to introduce the product. You may also hand out your prepared voice-over introductions and let the kids read it or they can make up their own.


Tell the kids to use excited voices and humor as they do in commercials. Let each small group present their commercial of their product.


2. Ask for a volunteer to come forward to be outfitted in armor as Saul tried to outfit David.

Put on the helmet, shoulder pads, knee pads, a shield, a heavy weapon or spear, a heavy coat on top. Ask the volunteer to demonstrate a few attack moves. It should be awkward and cumbersome. Remove the gear.


Of course, the armor is heavy and cumbersome! David thought so too. He took off the armor. Instead, David used the skills and experiences of a shepherd. David put his trust in God to help him through his challenge with Goliath. David knew that God was with him. God is everywhere.


3. Make a radio commercial about God. Now, let’s use some words to describe God. Make a list of things we know about God’s power, how God protects us. (Creator of the world, makes all things possible, knows every hair on our head, knows everybody’s name, reads what is in our head and heart, loves us, helps us when we are in trouble, comforts us, gives us strength, hears our prayers, has a plan for us, watches over us, provides for us, redeemer)

This is how God helps us. Not armor or weapons.


Using the list create a radio commercial for God. For this you may use a script skeleton:


Younger kids: Display the script outline on chart paper for all to see. Ask for suggestions and ideas to fill in the blanks as a group. This will be more of a radio ad. Think of some sound effects. Then read it: ask for volunteers to read each line, read it together as a group or read it to them.


Older kids: Divide children into partners.  Give each set of partners a script and pencil. They may fill in the blanks, adjusting wording as necessary, add or delete lines or ad lib to fit their needs.  Remind them that as they practice for their presentations, they need to be enthusiastic in order to “sell” their solution.  Humor is definitely acceptable as long as the solution emphasizes the concepts: 

1.     God is with you in difficult situations;

2.     Rely on God because God is more powerful that anything you will face in this world. 

When they are ready, call the groups back and have them present their commercials one group at a time.


A prop of a microphone is a great way to add a fun touch to the radio commercial. Some boom boxes have microphones that can amplify the voice. Add sound effects.




Reflection Time:

Ask the shepherds to pass out the journal sheets and pencils/markers. Suggestion: You may wish to give the children a sticker or some memento to paste in their journal as a reminder of the story or activity.


Prompts for journal writing: Write about a challenge or “giant” you have faced recently.  How did you know God was with you?



Prayer:  Dear God, sometimes we are afraid and discouraged! You are our Lord God, and you will be there to help us wherever we go. You are so (use some of the descriptive words that the children used in their scripts) _____________________. Thank you for always being with us to face our giants of trouble. Amen.


Tidy and Dismissal: Ask children to help tidy up. Close/lock the door and turn off the lights.



Teacher preparation in advance:

1.     Read the scripture passages and attend the Faith Quest Leaders Bible Study.

2.     Check out the room before your first Sunday workshop so that you know where everything is located.

3.     Copy scripts for each week.

4.     Write the skeleton script on chart paper for the younger kids.

5.     Poster board with lesson concepts and the memory verse.



Supply List


·        Chart paper/markers, tape

·        Copies of the fill-in-the-blank commercial script skeleton for older kids

·        Microphone

·        Armor costume: helmet, knee pads, shin guards, large heavy coat, goggles, shield (may be made of cardboard or a goalie’s blocker (hockey), a spear (broom handle) or heavy weapon (a massive, heavy sledge hammer)

·        Bible story book





·        Notes from curriculum writer’s bible study provided by Lori Houck April 13, 2003.

·        David and Goliath-Lesson set from Hermitage & Smyrna Pres. Churches found at website





David and Goliath

God Commercial Script Skeleton

 (Speakers take turns, changing with each line)



1.     Do you have trouble with armor that doesn’t do the job? Does the typical armor just not work for you? Is it too heavy? Too awkward? Too big? (add your ideas) Too _________________________?


2.    Well, we have a solution for you!  Just like David faced the giant Goliath, you too can face your giant.


3.     Yessiree, have we got the answer for you. It’s God. That’s right G-O-D God.


4.    God can (describe some of the things God does to show God’s power) _______________________________________________________


5.    God is (use some descriptive words to describe God) _______________________________________________________


6.    So, next time you get into trouble with (name some kind of trouble or challenge you might get into) ___________________________.


7.    Remember: Rely on God. God is always ready and available wherever you go!


8.    That’s right! You can pray to God too when you (restate the trouble or challenge) _____________________________________________________________because God is more powerful than anything you will face in this world.