Moses and the Burning Bush


Good News



Scripture:   Exodus 3:1-4:17


Memory Verse    "I will be with you always, even until the end of the world" (Matthew 28:20b).




v    Wherever we meet God is a holy place.

v    God can call us anywhere, anytime, for any reason.

v    God is with us always.



1.    The students will discuss and experience a holy place.

2.    The students will identify how people behave and honor God in holy places.




Welcome and Introductions:

1.    Greet the children and introduce yourself.  Wear your nametag. Make sure the children are wearing nametags. If not, ask the shepherd to supply a temporary nametag. Remember that you are interacting with a different group of students each week that may not know you.


2.    Explain the purpose of this workshop. 



Scripture/Bible Story:

v    Ask the children to find Exodus 3:1 in their Bibles.   

v    Read Exodus 3:1-6, the focus of this rotational unit. 

v    Optionally, in the early weeks of the rotation, read the entire scripture passage.



1)    After reading the scripture, spend 5 minutes retelling and acting out the passage (3:1-6) in a way that the children can appreciate the miracle of Moses’ meeting with God.  Bring special attention to the fact that God identifies the land as holy, and gives Moses specific instructions for how to proceed.  “Don’t come any closer, take off your sandals”.

2)    Explain to the children that anywhere we meet God is a holy place.  Bushes don’t need to be burning, nor do we have to be tending sheep in a Middle Eastern desert. Ask the children to identify ways that we meet or speak with God today.  The intent is to focus the children on their personal relationship with God.  Write down their answers on a whiteboard.   Answers to focus on are 

a)    Scripture

b)    Preaching

c)    Worship

d)    Hymns, anthems, music in worship

e)    Faith Quest

f)    Retreats

g)    Sacraments: baptism and communion

h)    Prayer

i)     Dreams

j)     Visions

k)    Conscience (the “still small voice within us”)

3)    Now ask the children to make a list of holy places.  The children may include Biblical places such as Mt. Sinai, the Garden of Eden, etc., and personal places such as church (the Kirk) or anywhere they speak to God in prayer.

4)    Shift focus to how people should treat, honor and respect holy places.  Start by asking them how Moses honored the holy ground of the burning bush (Mt. Horeb/Sinai).  Now ask them to list other ways that people respect holy places:

a)    Kneeling/bowing in prayer

b)    Wear nice and modest clothing

c)    Being clean

d)    Being humble before God

e)    Treating others respectfully

f)    Being quiet, listening for the word of God

g)    Greeting, smiling at each other

5)    Tell the children that they are now going to treat the Good News room as a holy place.

a)    Have all the children exit the room and remove their shoes.

b)    Line the children up single file, and have them enter the room and approach the burning bush.  Remind the children to be silent, listening for the word of God.

c)    Six feet away from the bush say, “Come no closer, you are perfect right there”.

d)    Instruct the children to kneel, and bow in prayer.

e)    Lead the children in prayer.  Thank God for his love, wisdom and grace, for calling Moses to lead his people from Egypt to the Promised Land, and for meeting with us in other holy places.

6)    In the remaining time, distribute the attached word search to the children. 



Older children: 

The older children may be able to participate in reading the entire scripture verse.


Younger Children:

Younger children may work in teams on the word search puzzle.



Reflection Time:

Ask the shepherds to pass out the journals and pencils/markers. Suggestion: You may wish to give the children a sticker or some memento to paste in their journal as a reminder of the story or activity.


Prompts for journal writing:

v    List 2 ways that you can honor a holy place.

v    Describe a holy place in your life.


Tidy and Dismissal: Ask children to help tidy up. 


Teacher preparation in advance:


1.    Read the scripture passages and attend the Faith Quest Leaders Bible Study.

2.    Assemble a burning bush, and place the bush in the corner of the Good News room.

3.    Prepare a prayer for when the children are kneeling silently in front of the burning bush.

4.    Make copies of the attached word search to allow one puzzle per child.

Check out the room before your first Sunday workshop so that you know where everything is located.


Supply List


v    Poster board, marker pen

v    Pencils for the children to work on the word search

v    Materials for making a burning bush, see below



Making a Burning Bush [1]


  You’ll need a leafless, airy bush such as a tumbleweed, a 4x3x3 inch piece of floral foam, red metallic tinsel from a craft or gift-wrap store, a tilting air circulating fan, a small lamp with a red light bulb (remove the shade), a towel and duct tape.



1)    Push the bush stem into the center of the floral foam.

2)    Tilt the front of the fan so it’s facing toward the ceiling.  Using duct tape, secure the floral foam with the bush to the center of the fan.

3)    Tie single strands and clumps of strands of red tinsel onto the bush branches.

4)    Place the lamp underneath the fan so the red light bulb is completely exposed.

5)    Drape a towel around the front edge of the fan to cover the base and hide the lamp.  Avoid anything touching the lamp.  Leave the back open to allow air to circulate.

6)    Turn on the lamp and turn off all the other lights.

7)    Turn the fan on high.  The metallic strands will blow creating the illusion of sparks and flames.



[1] “Life of Moses Museum”, Children’s Ministry, September/October 1978.