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Prayer Requests


Our congratulations to Jill Kaufman and family on the birth of her grandson, Harrison Clifford Flew.


Our condolences to Lisa Coats and family on the passing of her mother.

Prayer Requests

  • Bonnie Pendleton
  • Dave Pendleton
  • Bill Shearin
  • Reese Hammer
  • John Burton (deployed)
  • Wyatt Anderson James
  • Betty Bryan
  • Penny Sharp
  • Leon Gabriel 
  • Joye Gabriel
  • Susan Rose
  • Barb Chartier
  • Peggy Hackney
  • Gene Bailey
  • Julie Bell
  • Judi Alvis
  • Jane Ragan
  • Mary Bowen

Holly Springs:

  • TJ Laubach
  • Brian Coleman (brother)
  • Mollie Sears
  • Betty Sherrod
  • Diane Luparello (husband)

Additional Concerns:

  • Felicity Klintworth (son, granddaughter)
  • Vicki MacQueen (mother)
  • Jill Kaufman (grandson)
  • Marge Freeman (sister)
  • Betty Bryan (son)
  • Carl Daehler (sister)
  • Eloise Kulp (friend)
  • Andy Shook (mother)
  • Judi Alvis (sister)
  • Helen Stanfield (cousin)
  • Phil & Tina Hammer (parents)
  • Marge Blum (brother)
  • Tom & Kathie Bell (sister)
  • Van Rascoe (friend)
  • Marian Warren (son)
  • Toni Navey (friend)
  • Craig Nygard (mother)
  • Liz Railton (mother-in-law)
  • Charlie Seay (friend)
  • David Covington (parents)
  • Madeline Kelso (relative)
  • Kay Mascherin (daughter)
  • Bonnye Hur (friend)
  • Judy Polley (neighbor)
  • Joyce Billotte (father)
  • Danice Scott (brother)
  • Melinda Dawson (sister)
  • Betsey McFarland (mother)
  • Barbara Kenedy (husband)
  • Jenny Bowser (father)
  • Jean Gregory (brother)
  • Lynn Heckerman (brother-in-law, niece)
  • Jeff Stewart (friend)
  • DJ Sellers (daughter, niece)
  • Lindsay Ray (friend)
  • Kathy Carmer (brother)
  • David Cole (mother)
  • Pastor Bob Bardin
  • Ann Branch (sister)
  • Carol Bennett (father)

Welcome to our new website!   The information here is updated weekly.  More up-to-date joys and concerns may be available in worship on Sunday mornings.  Thank you for your prayers for our church family!

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Praying at Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian Church in Cary, NC
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