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Faith Challenge Lesson Sets

Kirk receives the W.T. "Tolly" Thompson award
for Excellence in Christian Education

Additional curriculum for Elementary School - Faith Quest

We are pleased to present our lesson sets which have been developed by the Committee for Youth Christian Education at our church.

The lesson sets posted here are copyrighted and belong to the Kirk of Kildaire, Presbyterian, Cary, North Carolina.  They may be used for non-profit purposes only.

If you use our lessons we appreciate hearing feedback.  It encourages us to keep on providing lessons.

The lessons are written for 2 classes of kids - grades 6 and 7.  The format for the lessons are:

Lesson A1
Lesson A2
Lesson B1
Lesson B2
Lesson C - The classes are combined

For 2 weeks, one class does lessons A1 and A2 while the other class does B1 and B2.  Then they switch for the next 2 weeks.  The final wrap-up lesson on week 5 combines the 2 classes.

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Workshop Extras

Faith Challenge Format

Faith Challenge Scope and Sequence


Ten Commandments 1 (Lesson A, week 1)
Ten Commandments 1 (Lesson A, week 1 - Extras)
Ten Commandments 2 (Lesson A, week 2)
Wilderness Wanderings (Lesson B, weeks 1 & 2)
Exodus Celebration (Lesson C, week 5)

Abraham to Joseph

"I Will Bless You" 1 (Lesson A, week 1)
"I Will Bless You" 1 (Reference Sheet)
"I Will Bless You" 2 (Lesson A, week 2)
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Lesson B, week 1)
The Case of the Amazing Dream Baby (Lesson B, week 2)
Celebration (Lesson C, week 5)

Gideon & Ruth

Gideon (Lesson A, weeks 1 & 2)
Ruth 1 (Lesson B, week 1)
"I Will Help You" (Ruth 2) (Lesson B, week 2)
Afghanistan School Supply Kits (Lesson B - Extras)

Isaiah and God's Vision of Peace

Peace Unit Overview
Images of Self (Week 1)
Peaceful Spaces for Friendship (Week 2)
Peaceful Spaces for Family (Week 3)
Peaceful Communities (Week 4)
Service of Morning Prayer (Week 5)
Bible Study Notes

Kings and Prophets

Elijah - (Lesson A, Week 1)
Elijah - (Lesson A, Week 2)
Josiah - (Lesson B, Week 1)
Josiah - Cryptograph (Lesson B, week 1 - Extras)
Josiah - Lesson B (Lesson B, Week 2)
Elijah and Josiah (Week 5)


Exile - (Lesson A, Week 1)
Exile - (Lesson A, Week 2)
Lament (Psalm 137) - (Lesson B, Week 1)
Lament (Psalm 137) - (Lesson B, Week 2)
Exile and Lament (Week 5)
Exile Bible Study Notes
Iraq Health Kits for Children (Exile Lesson - Extras)

Jesus - Birth to Baptism

"This is My Dear Son" 1 (Lesson A, week 1)
"This is My Dear Son" 2 (Lesson A, week 2)
"This is My Dear Son" 3 (John the Baptist) (Lesson B, week 1)
"This is My Dear Son" 4 (Baptism of Jesus) (Lesson B, week 2)
Birth to Baptism Celebration (Lesson C, week 5)

Jesus' Ministry

Helping Hand (Lesson A, Week 1)
Helping Hand (Lesson A, Week 2)
Dealing with Conflict (Lesson B, Week 1)
Dealing with Conflict (Lesson B, Week 2)


Zacchaeus - Interviews
Zacchaeus - Hurry Down

Jesus' Passion and Resurrection

Holy Week (Lesson A, week 1)
Holy Week Pictures (addendum Lesson A, week 1)
Holy Week Meditations (Lesson A, week 2)
Resurrection (Lesson B, week 1 & week 2)

Paul's Travels

Paul and Silas in Jail (Lesson A, week 1)
Great Ends of the Church (Lesson A, week 2)
Spiritual Gifts (Lesson B, week 1)
Purple Cloth (Lesson B, week 2)
Paul and Silas(Week 5 - watch videos from Lesson A, weeks 1 and 2)

 Paul's Conversion

Sorry! (Lesson A, week 1)
  Sorry Cards
Faith Journeys (Lesson A, week 2)
Saul's Work for God (Lesson B, week 1)
Saul's Work for God (Lesson B, week 2)

 Paul's Letters

Romans (Lesson A, week 1)
Romans (Lesson A, week 2)
2 Corinthians - New Creation (Lesson B, week 1)
2 Corinthians - Reconciliation (Lesson B, week 2)

 David - Rise of the Kingdom

Rise of the Kingdom (Lessons 1 and 2)
Rise of the Kingdom (Lesson 3)
Rise of the Kingdom (Lesson 4)
Rise of the Kingdom (Lesson 5)

 1 John

Seeing God in Jesus Christ (Lesson A, Week 1)
Seeing God by Loving Each Other (Lesson A, Week2)
Children of God (Lesson B, Week 1)
Children of God (Lesson B, Week 2)
Sharing Faith Stories

Getting to Know You

Grade 6 Activites (Weeks 1, 2 & 3)
Grade 7 Activities (Weeks 1, 2 & 3)
Fruit of the Spirit Craft Activity
The Bible in 50 Words

Listen Israel - Living Faithfully in the Promised Land

Deuteronomy 1 (Week 1)
Deuteronomy 2 (Week 2)
Deuteronomy 3 (Week 3)
Deuteronomy 4 (Week 4)
Bible Study Notes

Wisdom: Proverbs

Proverbs 1 (Week 1)
Proverbs 2 (Week 2)
Proverbs 3 (Week 3)
Coloring Book Cover
Bible Study Notes

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